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Understanding Startup : The Characteristic of Startup Business

Actually, what is a Startup? Maybe there are still many people who do not understand this term. The word Startup itself is an absorption of English which means the action or process of starting a new organization or business venture.

Understanding Startup

According to Wikipedia, the meaning of startup is to refer to companies that have not been in operation for long yet. These companies are mostly "new established" companies and they are in the development and research phase to find the right market.

Understanding startup may be more in terminology, but in my opinion it will be easier if the term Startup is defined as "a new company that is being developed". Starting to develop in the late 90s until 2000, in fact the term Startup is widely 'mated' with everything that smells of technology, the web, the internet, social media and those related to Industry 4.0.

A Brief History of Startup Business

Looking back, it turns out the use of the term startup in matters relating to technology, websites, internet, and others, occurs because the term Startup itself began to be popular internationally during the dot-com buble.

So what else is buble dot-com? The buble dot-com phenomenon during the millenium period (1998-2000), So, many dot-com companies were established simultaneously. At that time the company was intensively opening their personal website. More and more people are familiar with the internet as a new field to start a business. At that time, Startup was born and developed massively.

But Startup is not only a new company that is in contact with technology, cyberspace, applications or products but it can also be about the services and economic movements of grassroots people who can be independent without the help of larger and established corporations.

After looking around for information about Startup through Google's help, there is information about the characteristics of a company that can be classified as a stratup. Some characteristics of the startup company :
  1. The age of the company is less than 3 years
  2. The number of employees is less than 20 people
  3. Income of less than $ 100,000 / year
  4. Still in the developing stage
  5. Generally operates in the field of technology
  6. Products made in the form of applications in digital form
  7. Usually operates through a website or social media

From these characteristics it may appear that stratup is more inclined to companies engaged in technology and the web. But the fact is like that, now the development of a company that is commonly labeled Stratup is a company that deals with the field of technology and online.
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