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Tips For Recognizing Authentic Bottled Mineral Water

To enjoy the best benefits of mineral water purity, understand and recognize the characteristics of the original bottled mineral water below.

1. Cleanliness

When you buy mineral water from street vendors on supermarkets, first check the cleanliness of the bottle as a whole. Because the dirty storage can contaminate if touched when consumed.

2. Form

After seeing the cleanliness, try to see the shape of the bottle, is it changed or not? You are advised not to buy mineral water if the packaging has been dented, as well as labels, and the seal has been damaged.

3. The water inside the bottle

Make sure the water content is clear and not foamy. Good mineral water will not feel rough on the tongue when tasted. Good water to drink is colorless, tasteless and odorless.

4. Closed

Make sure the mineral water bottle is tightly closed. On the lid there is no bridge that is cut off between the top and bottom bottle caps. If you open the bottle, there is a 'creak' sound that indicates the product is in a new state. In addition, the original mineral water bottle cap has a production code that is on its side. Make sure the code listed on the lid and bottle matches.

5. Expiration date

Look at the expiration dates on the caps and bottles. There is a BB code showing the date, month and year. Make sure the printed expiration date is clearly read and the product you have purchased has not expired.

6. Where to buy

Buy mineral water products from trusted sellers, such as agents, authorized traders, shops, or other trusted stores. If you are unsure and find irregularities in the product you buy, please exchange it or contact the mineral water service customer directly.

So thats all the tips when buying bottled mineral water, thanks for reading.
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