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Type of Pillows in Your Room

Pillow, is an important element for interior design of your home. The type of pillow in the house is a reflection of decor style that you create, and the beautiful pillows can give a nice touch to any room. So, pillow not only an additional element, this is about design style.

To help you make a decision, let's look at various types of pillows with a little more detail. Let's start with the types of pillows that widely available, this tends to be cheaper pillows, because the components are made on an economic scale.

Type of Pillow Materials

The base material of the pillow determine softness, hardness and comfortness of the pillow, they also used for pillow both on the bed and sofa. Before choosing the pillow, we should know the strengths and weaknesses of each pillow filling materials, as follows:

01. Cotton pillow

Just like mattress material, pillows can also be filled with cotton material which is a type of cotton fiber. Cotton fiber can provide comfort, and this material is a natural ingredient. However, cotton is too soft and can loses its softness for a few years, so it must be replaced. Besides, cotton is also prone to pests, such as fleas and mites.

02. Latex pillow

The price will be quite affordable, Latex is an easily available ingredients and the more commonly used for pillows. Latex is widely used in making cushions and upholstery couches, the foam tends to maintain its shape well and is very strong and durable. This material is also easy to cut into almost of shape or size, and this makes it ideal for pillow contents and also available in various sizes.

03. Foam pillow

Foam for pillow are made from polyurethane mixtures which are combined with other elements and allowed to form molds, it can be very hard or very flexible depending on the mixture used. The foam is very flexible and is also often chopped into small pieces to give more softness. The foam used on pillow such as ordinary foam or softer memory foam.

04. Fiber pillow

Another material that's widely used and reasonably priced for pillow is hollow fiber. This material can provide  very soft cushion. The hollow fiber is soft and supple and looks like cotton, but is actually an artificial material. It usually made from polyurethane mixtures.

05. Ball pillow

In addition to hollow fiber pillows, there are also pillows that are filled with many small ball fibers. This ball fiber is expected to break the load and provide additional softness for the pillow. Unfortunately if the pillow is leaking, the fiber ball can come out and pollute the area around the pillow.

06. Feather pillow

The more expensive pillow material is a feather pillow. All feather pillows can be very expensive because the raw materials themselves are expensive. Fur can provide a pillow that is very comfortable and soft, and also natural material with green label.


After read the various types of pillow base, we can now continue by choosing the right type of pillowcase. Choosing the type of pillowcases is very important, especially for those who have allergies with some fabrics type or another materials. Here are the types of pillowcases :

Sensitive skin pillowcase

Do you or someoneon your house may have sensitive skin on some types of artificial fabric? If so, always try for natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or wool. Using natural ingredients may be more expensive, but is comparable to preventable risks.

Synthetic fabric cushion cover

Most of the pillows currently use artificial fabrics or a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers for low-cost pillows. Polyester / cotton, satin and nylon are all widely used and used pillow cases that are durable and can be used many times.

Natural fabric cushion cover

Pillows 100% cotton, wool and silk are examples of natural fabrics. Cotton fiber is the most durable material. Pure silk and wool are indeed very beautiful, but they are not easy and can be used for sofas that are used when the family couch is very intense.

Feather pillow case

Cushion cover with the material provided is a type of sarong that is popular behind this. with the addition of synthetic fur that makes animal hair more comfortable and more attractive. Just use these gloves that have to be more careful with brittle gloves, easy to get dirty and need special care.

Purpose of Use of Pillows

The next thing to consider is whether you will use these pillows, because this will determine the type of pillow you need. There are pillows to fit all rooms, from the sofa in the living room to the pillows used in the bedroom.

If you have a pet that is free to enter the house, then your type of pillow may need to be harder and more durable, can be resistant and may be waterproof. If you only want some pretty pillows to stack on your bed then you might be able to use stuffing material and a cover cloth that is more decorative but not too strong.

Pillow size & shape

The size and shape of the pillow is another thing to choose from and there are several standard sizes and shapes to choose from in the store. More ordinary pillows are around 40-50 cm square, but larger pillows also have a trend this year. But we can also choose a round pillow as an alternative.


Pillows can be used to bring design and comfort to your home and each room. Adding a pillow to your room can bring a new dimension, add color, patterns and texture elements and become a cheap decoration option, but the difference is enough.
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