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Standard Size of Bed Mattress

Generally, there are several sizes of mattresses that are known to have been widely used in the world. Indeed, the size is only different on the width of the mattress while the length remains the same, it's 200 cm or 2 meters long (6,56 ft). The following are some standard sizes of mattresses that are widely found around the world.

1. Single Size Bed 90 X 200 Cm

Single size mattresses are usually used for boarding houses or for making twin bed mattresses. This mattress is also widely used in police and military dormitories. The narrow width is only enough for one person. If you want to sleep only yourself, choose this mattress so you can save space. However, adults certainly feel less comfortable when sleeping with this small mattress.

2. Double Size Bed 120 X 200 cm

A double size mattress is usually used for 2 people in a narrow place. This bed usages are also still dominated by boarding houses or rented bed for children. Even though, it still fits for 2 people but in fact sleeping on this bed both never feel relieved.

Maybe, for those who have a slim or small body can make this size mattress as an option. This size mattress is also sold in any type of sponges mattress at a cheap price, so it is suitable for rent house or boarding house.

Besides, this size mattress is also widely used by hotels and villas to make twin bed rooms. Twin bed type rooms are usually reserved for business guests or young people while staying at the hotel.

3. Queen Size Bed 160 X 200 cm

The queen size mattress is considered a minimal size mattress for a married couple's bed. With a width of 160 meters, it is considered sufficient especially for slim ones. For newly married young couples, usually choose a queen size bed for their beds. Many queen size mattresses are available in spring bed mattress types that already fit with it's divan.

4. King Size Bed 180 X 200 Cm

King size mattresses are usually used to bedroom in upper middle class homes. Usually for homeowners who already have a partner or married couples. Besides, this bed is also widely used in hotel rooms and villas with standard types. This mattress good for 2 people, even though it is used by Americans and Europeans.

5.Super King Size Bed 200 X 200 Cm

The largest size of the most commonly used mattress, is the 200 x 200 cm bed, known as the super king size bed. Usually used in the bedroom for upper class houses, and it's very spacious. In addition, this mattress is also often used in hotels or villas, for premium class suits or presidential suits. This mattress is very relieved for 2 people, and is also suitable for those who have large bodies.

In addition, beside the standard size of the mattress described above, here are also some special size bed that can also be found on the market. The size will be explained as the following special size beds :

6. Mattress Special Size 140 x 200 cm

Mattresses with a width of 140 cm, may be a good alternative between mattresses 120 cm and 160 cm wide. Thus, a mattress size of 140 cm is suitable for couples who have a medium body size, or young couples who don't want to spend their bedrooms filled with mattresses, because of their smaller house. But the main problem, it is rather difficult to find a 140 cm bed cover or bed sheet on an offline market. But don't worry, because the bed cover is already available online.

That's the size of a common and standard mattress size. If we go to the bed shop or the seller of the mattress, they are usually the size that offered. I hope this post useful for you my readers. Thanks for visiting.
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