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Shopping Mall Definitions

These are several definitions of mall :

1. Mall is a type of shopping center that is built in the form of a closed building with a regulated temperature and has a path to walk regularly so that it is between small shops facing each other.

2. Mall Is a shopping complex that is visited to buy or view and compare goods in meeting the economic needs of the community and to provide shopping convenience and security for visitors

3. Mall is a form of individual trading business carried out jointly through the integration of capital with the aim of commercial effectiveness (Beddington, Design For Shopping Center).

4. Mall is a place of exchange and distribution of goods / services that are commercially characterized, involving mature planning and design because they aim to gain as much profit (profit) as possible (Gruen, Centers for Urban Environment: Survival of the Cities).

5. Mall is a planned shopping complex, with centralized management, with a system of renting units to individual traders, while supervision is carried out by managers who are fully responsible (Beddington, Design for Shopping Center).

6. Mall is a group of trade center units that are built and established in a location planned, developed, started and arranged into an operation unit, related to location, size of store type, and shopping area of ​​the unit (Urban Land Institute , Shopping Center Development Handbook).

7. Mall is a place in the community that enlivens the city or local environment. In addition to functioning as a place for shopping or buying and selling transactions, it also functions as a gathering or recreation place (Beddington, Design for Shopping Center).

8. Mall is defined as a (linear) movement area in a central city business area that is more pedestrian oriented. Pedestrian form with a combination of plazas and interactional spaces (Rubenstein, 1978).

9. Mall Is a shopping center with one core or several large department stores as an attraction of small retailers and restaurants with building typologies such as shops facing the main mall or pedestrian corridors which are the main elements of a shopping mall (mall), with functions as circulation and as communal space for the implementation of interactions between visitors and traders (Maitland, 1987)

Based on some of these definitions, we can say that the definition of mall or the meaning of mall architecturally is a recreation room and shopping center consisting of a shopping complex where there are buying and selling activities and the exchange of goods and services as well as gathering and recreation.
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