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Build Your Own Home Vs. Buy A House

When you want to get your own home, you are always faced with 2 offers, build your own or buy a ready house from the developer. Which would you choose? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of building your own home rather than buying a house.

The advantages of building your own home in general are as follows:

  1. Free to determine the concepts and ideas of design and the use of building materials even though they will be affect the costs and may be more than buying a house
  2. Free to determine the design and interior of the house and can leave a little land for gardening
  3. The period of workmanship adapts to our schedule, so that we do not have to rush to pay for the house in full
  4. You can choose the best contractor or worker that you know to provide the best for your dream home
  5. We can change the design in the process if there is something that is not fit to your wishes
  6. Buying land can be done at the beginning while building a house can be paid in other day according to your economic
  7. Rarely are there developers who want to give good quality at an affordable price, if you build it yourself the quality can be controlled yourself
  8. Building your own home can be much cheaper than buying, so long as you understand how it works and are able to controll the project
  9. Construction of houses can be done partially, adjusting to the available budget capabilities, by applying the concept of growing houses, current designs may change with increasing economic capacity and development can be prepared
  10. You can adopt new technology in your own home that may still be rarely found in homes developed by the developers

The disadvantages of building your own home in general are as follows:

  1. If there are unexpected things out of plan, that is all your responsibilities. For example, if rain when casting a floor plate that makes the concrete results less than optimal.
  2. Free working time often makes it unfocused which results in waste of money due to patchwork of work
  3. Often, disagreements about a design stop work because there is no mature decision from you as the owner of the house
  4. There will be many parts of the house that are overhauled because of new ideas during the construction and construction of houses
  5. Often plans that are prepared by yourself are also not mature, especially if you yourself have a lot of desires that tend to potentially change during the period of building a house, this will have an impact on additional costs
  6. Building your own can also be much more expensive if you are spend money for luxurious materials or making designs that are too complicated so that it is difficult to build
  7. If you are not someone who has experience in building a house, building it yourself seems easy, but once it start, many detailed things that turn out to be not as easy as you imagined
  8. If you are not an architect and not use the services of an architect, sometimes determining the size of a room can be wrong, because it is only based on estimates without knowledge of the optimal size of a room
  9. Developers build large numbers of houses (hundreds / thousands of units), so the construction costs can be reduced, if you build your own house, of course you have to prepare more funds because you only build one house.
  10. It is  not easy to find a good worker or contractor for your project,  sometimes you can't trust them

Building your own home, especially for people who really care about the design and quality of the house are the preferred choices. But the most important thing is your economic ability to build a house that can suit your taste. If your budget is quite good, building for your taste will not be a big problem, but if you are on a mediocre budget, of course it is a problem that will be difficult to deal with.

So the most important thing is that you have to understand is the capacity of yourself before deciding whether to build it yourself or buy it. The cost of building a house is not cheap, each one material affects the overall budget, therefore it must be calculated carefully before deciding.

Couples who are just starting out on their own with a limited economy, it may be more efficient to sacrifice their idealism by buying a house, even if it's a used house so the price is much cheaper. The desire to build their own homes will be achieved if economic conditions have increased and are able to pay off other needs. In addition, the developer certainly gives the best choice with the current home model.
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