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Basement Definition in Construction

Basement is a level or several levels of buildings that are entirely or partially located underground. Basement is a lower floor level that is part of a building. During the time, basement was made as an effort to optimize land use that was increasingly dense and expensive.

Basement for parking

Not all buildings have basements. For buildings that have it, furnaces, water heaters, car yards and temperature control systems from one house or building are typically located at the lowest level of this building. It becomes a distinct convenience for the installation and application of parts such as electrical distribution systems and cable television distribution points.

Basement construction

Basement provides an opportunity for building experts to reach a turning point in their expenses, and customers / clients to benefit by building a building with more potential value. Basement can be made by concrete structure with thicker layer outside.

Basement construction needs to know the conditions that exist on the ground, considering that it is often used for utility lines such as plumbing, telephone networks and electricity.

In addition to building utilities, also pay attention to the surrounding environment, especially the area bordering the neighbors, considering that the walls built on basement cannot all coincide with the neighboring walls because it will disrupt the strength of their building.

If there is a basement section attached to one part of the neighboring wall, then we can use sheet pile. This sheet pile is generally made of steel or concrete which functions as a retaining wall.

Retaining wall is useful to withstand soil and water pressure. If the neighboring residential area adjacent to the basement area has two floors, the safest way that can be taken is to make a distance of about 1.5 meters with the neighboring wall.
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