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Alvar Aalto : The Famous Architect from Finland

Overview of Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto or his complete original name Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto is an architect and designer from Finland. He was born on February 3, 1898 in Kuortane, a city in Finland and died on May 11, 1976 in Helsinki.

During his lifetime, Alvar Aalto not only designed houses and buildings, but he also designed furniture and glassware. His father, Johan Henrik Aalto was a land surveyor in Finland, his mother Selly Matilda was a postmaster. In 1916, he enrolled to study architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, and graduated in 1921.

Chronology & Career

  • In 1920, in the early days of his career Alvar Aalto became the first architect who was no longer tied to the influence of National Romantic culture on his work. This was seen on the building he designed, namely the Wokers Club in Jyvaskyla (1924-1925).
  • In 1930, it developed with a design called International Style and applied the Form Follow Function concept from architecture Functionalism.
  • In the 40s, He tended to be Modern Contemporary, seen in his works namely Baker House, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1947-1951).
  • In 1948, Aalto used the concept of harmony in form and composition in his National Pension Bank design work.
  • The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier was quite large on the Aalto design. This can be seen of the use of exposed red brick in almost all buildings. And the use of ribbon windows on some of his designs.

The period between 1950 and his death (1976), was the peak of his career as an architect, designing a number of important buildings with various functions including churches, campuses, offices, housing, cultural centers, factories and others in various countries. Aalto designed 500 individual buildings, exactly 300 for those already built, especially in Finland. He also built several buildings in the USA, Germany, Italy and France.

Alvar Aalto, this Architect and Designer, he carries more modern and minimalist themes and styles. The style of design is also inseparable from the role of his wife who is an architect who concentrates on detailed designs such as interior design, furniture, lights, glassware, and so on.

Alvar Aalto most Popular Architecture Design

Alvar Aalto is well-known for his humanistic approach to modernism he seeks to satisfy social and psychological criteria. Aalto also developed his own functional approach that was closely aligned with the architect of Deutscher Werkbund from the same period. Alvar Aalto has a dualistic concept on architectural creation. According to him, architecture requires a long time to develop and its development can occur in two different places.

These are Famous Alvar Aalto Architectural Works include:
  • Terho Manner
  • Alatalo Farmhouse
  • Worker’s Club
  • Southwestern Agricultural Cooperative
  • Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Paimio
  • City Library Viipuri
  • Villa Mairea
  • Baker House
  • Finlandia Hall
This is the figure of modern architecture from Finland. Alvar Aalto still inspire the new generation architect untill nowdays.
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