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You Should Avoid These Colors in Your Bedroom

The room we occupy everyday, especially the bedroom needs to get a more ideal design. This is because the bedroom is an intimate and vital room for everyone.

The design of the bedroom affects the quality of our sleep and indirectly affects the quality of our daily lives. So often people spend a lot of money to organize the bedroom as comfortable as possible.

One of the factors that affect the comfort of a room is the color. Not only the color of the room elements on the floor, walls and ceiling, but also the colors on the furniture and various knick knacks in the room. For that, we should be more wise in choosing the color of the room.

Color gives rise to its own suggestion in the human brain. Generally the mind will react to certain colors. Everyone may be different, but can be categorized in general about the impression of color for humans.

Based on the response of people to color, then the following will be described some of the colors that should be avoided when designing the bedroom. What are the colors? Let's See.

Bloody Red

The red color has a hard, hot and flashy character. Red color is also a vibrant and sharp color. While the bedroom tends to require a relaxed and calm character.

Therefore, the red color seems less suitable with the bedroom. Especially for those who have a sense of pobia (fear) is excessive to the blood.

Using red color in the bedroom just makes the impression trigger emotions higher. This can disrupt the basic family harmony.

If you must use red in the bedroom, you should use red alternatives such as orange, pink or maroon. Itupun better not the main color, but as an accent. For use on furniture, cushions and decorations.

 How to use red color in the bedroom
 How to use red color in the bedroom

The best solution is to place this color in some spots on the lower area such as the floor, thus reducing the cold impression on the floor. Can also be runner or blanket so it adds warmth.

Bright Yellow

Yellow is a color with a trendy character that has a high level of sharpness of the color. The yellow color is also synonymous with a very energetic character.

As for the bed does not require an energetic character. So if using a yellow color, there is an impression of energy that is too high for a break room.

Thus, you should avoid using yellow, use accent color options like orange. If you have to use yellow, preferably only for furniture and decoration.

How to use the yellow color in the bedroom

The best solution is to place the yellow color on the linen and decorative areas, combined with a rather masculine color like black or gray. thereby reducing the striking strength of yellow.

Old Purple

Purple in general also does not fit in the bedroom. Unlike the blue with a cool character, purple color with dark accents actually has a sad character.

There is also a mention that the old purple is the color of the widow who in fact is a symbolic loneliness. Of course less suitable to be applied to beds that need the impression of warmth. High purple color intensity also creates a strange impression, which is uncomfortable for the eyes.

When using purple, you should use a light purple accent on linen / cloth. Or it could also choose other alternatives such as pink and light blue which gives a soft character.

How to use purple in the bedroom
How to use purple in the bedroom

But the real best solution by putting a dark purple color is as an accent for something that requires an intimate and intimate impression, like a bedhead. Thus purple will no longer display the impression of loneliness.

Thats was the color that its use is often avoided in bed as the main color. Hopefully useful for readers.
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