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The Reasons Why Men Are Better on Cheating

In the world of romance, revealed a fact that has always been there but not many who recognize. The fact that men are better at cheating than women.

The Reasons Why Men Are Better on Cheating
The Reasons Why Men Are Better on Cheating

But why yes can be said that a man better cheating? whereas in the world of romance women are usually more shrewd in the affairs of the heart, apalahi affair on the mattress that I do not need to discuss.Let's look at facts that are scientific enough why Men are more likely to cheat than women:

1. The number of sperm cells is always more than the egg cell

If you do not know clearly about this point, you should study the biology of the "Human Reproduction" section. There you will find that sperm cells are more easily produced every day and their numbers are millions.While eggs are produced once in a lifetime and the number continues to decrease. There may be only hundreds of eggs for one woman.So the much-produced thing that will be spent a lot, and so is the very clear biological law.

2. Men do not bear pregnancy

Cheating and mutual partner for men will not cause any problems in the future, unless he or she will be infected with STDs or sexually transmitted infectious diseases.However, for women, cheating and mutual couples can be at risk of pregnancy. In indigenous communities in Indonesia, pregnant out of wedlock especially for adolescents is a disgrace and a scourge in the community.Luckily if anyone wants to be responsible, what if not? The shortcut and the one usually taken is an abortion that actually harms the woman.

3. Harem, One Man and many Women

If you often read Japanese comics may not be familiar with this term. Harem can be defined a condition of one man with many women. Where the man has a special relationship with these women.Even since the days of the previous kingdom, the king and the male nobility had a concubine beside the empress that had approached him. More rarely there is the queen's story that has many male concubines.

4. Men are Moving Move and Tempted

In a relationship, men tend to be more free to move than women. Moreover, who already married, women tend to bear the burden of children than men.Moreover, men do not bear pregnancy, so men are more likely to infidelity than married women. Coupled with an unfavorable love affair, chances are it can get bigger.Besides biologically, men are more easily aroused than women. Men can be tempted just by seeing a young and beautiful woman, let alone the woman gives her hope.

5. Men Overcome Feelings, but Women are Sensitive

In a relationship of romance, usually a man can overcome his feelings with logic. While women tend to carry emotions and tend to maintain their own feelings.This is what causes men not easily immersed in the atmosphere and more easily move. So that men are more likely to mutually replace partner without being too bound by feelings.While women, if any cheating, most likely only for 1 to 2 men only because in this case more use of his emotions.That is the reason why men are more affluent than women. This is a corroborating reason, quoted from various sources including biological science.But in fact, there are still many men who choose loyal to only a woman. This happens if the woman is able to fill the heart of the man so close all the loopholes infidelity.But all back to individual individuals, and anyway true infidelity will only cause harm in a relationship.Hopefully helpful, and thank you.
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