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The Reason Why Millenial Generation Like Luxury Goods

What is the current millennial view of luxury and branded goods? What is the reason they like luxury and branded goods? Let's look at the reasons the millennial generation likes luxury and branded goods.

1. Prestige & Trend

Millenial generations are influenced much by the prestige and trends of a particular type of goods. It also can not be separated from the influence of information very quickly.Unfortunately sometimes the trend and prestige beat the function. Millenial generations buy many products just to meet their prestige even though they may not necessarily need the function of the product.

2. Brand Effect

In addition to the influence of prestige and trends that continue to evolve over time, a brand of goods also greatly affect the tastes of millennial generation of a product.As a result in choosing a product, people tend to consider the brand compared with the actual function.

3. Social Status

A person's social status in some places today tends to be determined by what he or she is wearing and what he has compared to what he or she is performing.Goods with a certain brand that is considered luxurious is seen to raise one's social status. This will encourage people to race to have goods that are considered luxurious.

4. Durability

Goods that are considered luxurious of course have a minimum quality qualified among similar goods, at least that is what consumers think. Especially when this explanation / review of a product is very easy to find in cyberspace.That is another reason why millennial generations like luxury and branded goods. Because of the quality and durability of a product.

5. Timeless

Well, this last reason may be a matter of taste of each. Goods that are considered luxurious usually have aesthetic design and shape nan beautiful seen by most people.In addition, luxury goods also rarely come out and change the series. This makes the model quite durable from time to time.That is why the millennial generation likes luxury and branded goods. Hopefully by reading this information we can all be more wise in shopping.
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