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The Key to Successful in a Relationship

It has been successful? Have been in a relationship for so long but fear of ending? What is the key to a successful relationship to stay durable?

The Key to Successful in a Relationship
The Key to Successful in a Relationship

Let's look at the priority factors that determine the success of a relationship as follows.

1. Communication

Communication is a very important thing and become the first and foremost thing. Communication is the determinant of success or failure of a relationship.
Often we hear people break up because of communication errors. Especially in today's communication is more often done through chat.
A single word typing error can be fatal. Therefore to be able to keep the relationship stay durable, build a good communication and always connected.

2. Commitment

Commitment comes from the word commit which means faithful, stick to the stance, firm and sure. In a relationship of love, commitment to the couple is needed in order to stay always together.
Commitment also plays a role to keep a person on the choice of his heart. Despite being tempted by others who are better, with the commitment of the person will remain faithful at all times.

3. Trust

A healthy relationship of romance is characterized by a sense of confidence in the couple. Although jealous and suspicious is a natural thing, but excessive suspicion destroys the relationship itself.
With confidence in the couple, the relationship will not be rigid, each can live his life normally, can hang out with his friends without feeling followed or over-supervised.

4. Certainty

Everyone needs certainty in many ways in his life including in the life of romance. Especially about the status and direction of the relationship will be taken where.
No one wants to keep their status hanging up, so do not give false hopes because it hurts so much.
Do not also make people wait too long for your decision. If it is too long, the person will become bored and stay away from you.

5. Decision

In a relationship romance decisions are vital. The decision to stay and continue together is a necessity.
Decisions start from the vital, especially looking for a way out of the fundamental problems such as differences in beliefs, LDR and others.
In addition, decisions concerning other matters are also required. Like decisions about how to communicate, where to go, who to pick up and other things.
It may sound trivial, but mistakes in making small decisions can threaten the survival of a relationship.
Thus the key to a successful relationship, good luck and hopefully useful.
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