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Thanos vs Darkseid, the Supreme Supervillain duel

Some time ago we shocked with the release of the Avengers Infinity Wars movie that directly dominate the cinema scene around the world.

Surely because of Thanos's presence as the strongest Supervillain in the Marvel universe. But for DC comic fans it also has a supervillain that is not less great that Darkseid is likely to appear in the next DC movie.

Let's fight, who is the strongest supervillain you think? Thanos or Darkseid? Here's the explanation:

A. Thanos (Marvel)

Thanos is the strongest supervillain in the marvel comic series, Thanos first appeared in the 55th of Iron Man series, around 1973.


It is narrated that Thanos is the son of the Mentor Ethernal and Sui San. He is a mixture of the Ethernal and Deviant races, so he has a somewhat contrasting form with nicely ethernal form.

With hard purple-like animal skin, he is more like a mutant in his community. Because of this he also gains more power as a superiority of the race than the other Titans.

Growing up, he steals ships from his own people and hires mercenaries to destroy the inhabitants on his own planet. Although the fleet is not so large, with nuclear weapons he is able to meshed up almost all Titan residents including killing his own mother.

That because Thanos loves Mistress Death (death entity in marvel). Because of his love for the death entity, Thanos committed many murders and vandals on various planets in the universe. He established himself as Titan's ruler and expanded to the earth.


Thanos from the beginning did have a superior body, even no one knows the limits of his strength. Moreover, when he mingled with Mistress Death, his strength is increasingly added until he became one of the strongest Titan over Ethernal though.

Thanos was able to destroy a planet with his fist, equivalent to Thor who had a power gem, defeated the Silver Surfer, muffled the raging Hulk and stopped Beta Ray Bill and much more.

He also continues to hone his skills by utilizing cosmic energy so he can manipulate energy into super fast motion capability, endurance, super fast regeneration, telepathy and teleportation. He also learned the ability to manipulate objects, practical magic and much more.

Thanos is immortal creature, immune to disease, not aging, but his physical form can still be hurt and can die if killed by weapon.

Weapons & Troops

In addition to the amazing ability, Thanos also has a sophisticated space ship, a fairly large army, Stais Rifle weapons and the most terrible is infinity gauntlet.

Infinity gauntlet has the ability to control the six infinity stones. With all the infinity stone it turned Thanos into a figure that seemed beyond the limits of defeat.

B. Darkseid (DC)

Darkseid is the strongest supervillain in the DC universe. His first appearance was in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen to 134 around 1970


Darkseid is the supervisor of the Apokolips planet ruler. He became a very cruel king and no mercy. He forced his subjects to obey and bow as if he were a God.

Darkseid rarely comes out, like most bosses, who only come out when there is an important problem or when he feels completely challenged by a worthy opponent.

The goal of Darkseid is to master the Anti-Life Equation capable of providing the ability to manipulate the free will of all living things. He is eyeing the earth because according to him humans have fragments Anti-Life Equation that can be put together to be perfect.


Darkseid basically already has great physical strength and perhaps even the best of the world. With super speed, stamina, endurance and power exceed superman. His body is so hard, immune to various weapons, bulletproof, missile-resistant and even a nuclear explosion is not much to scratch it.

With his power even Darkseid can defeat the combined power between Superman and Wonder Woman. With the power of Omega Realm he was able to fire a laser beam like Superman's heat vision but stronger. It could make Kryptonian's pain even quick enough to catch Speedster. Not just shooting, but with his concentration, Darkseid can move the target to another dimension.

Weapons & Troops

Another weapon from Darkseid is the Erosion Blast which removes the beam from both hands. He can also control people with his mind even in large numbers at once. Has the power of telepathy, telekinesis that can make a human being destroyed just by looking at it. In addition, Darkseid also has an elite troop and his Parademons troop. So can anyone conclude who is more powerful? Let's watch the story. Hope you be entertained.
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