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Side jobs for various hobbies and skills

Not everyone can get a workplace that provides enough income for all their needs. Or it could be said that not everyone feels enough with the income he receives in the workplace.

If you feel one of them, then it's a good idea to try a side job that can increase your income according to the hobby or skill or talent that you have since birth.

You do not have to worry about being fired from the workplace if you can do side work in your spare time optimally. So what are the hobbies or skills that can make money? Let's see.

Teaching skills

This side job seems very suitable for those who work as teachers or teachers. Opening private lessons or tutoring lessons can be a solution to supplement your income.

Teaches especially areas of science and materials that are quite difficult in school, so students need additional time to be able to understand. The important thing is to make the students excited and enjoy the lesson.

The income of these private lessons varies and is usually calculated per hour. For big cities with tight schools, private tutoring rates can reach 50-100 thousand per hour.

Writing skills

Writing is the basic capability that millennial man possesses. But not everyone is a hobby and love to write and not many also have good talent and writing skills.

For those of you who like to write can take time apart by writing work. The required tool may be just a laptop with a low spec.

Posts can be sent to magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites. Good writing can be appreciated quite expensive. Listverse.com website has announced an article search that is priced at USD 100 per article. Wow, fantastic.

Sales expertise

For those who are not very focused in the academic field, but a hobby in buying and selling, maybe this can be tried to increase your income.

Sold do not need stalls, no need to make their own products and do not need much capital. Simply buy 1-2 items, then offer to others with your ability. It can also be done to friends at work and friends in social media or selling online.

If you really like this and pursue it, not infrequently your efforts will grow even beyond your salary at work.

Social media expertise

If you include a generation of socialites who never loose and always exist in cyberspace, why not try to use it to make money.

Then how? The most important thing in social media is the number of followers or likers. You who can help advertise various products or cool terms "endorse"

Endorse prices vary, even famous accounts such as slapstick, meme comic and others can earn millions of dollars every month from endorse results.

Even 1 post product advertisement in the famous account can be rewarded up to 10 hundred dollar. As long as do not spread negative content and hate speech, because there is an ITE law.

Singing ability

You feel you have a good voice? Why not try to be a cafe or MC singer or radio broadcaster? The results are decent to earn extra money.

The cafe singers who are busy enough to get 1 hundred to 10 hundred dollar for one gig. Radio announcers can also be paid 50-100 thousand per hour.

Photography Expertise

If you have a hobby of photography, why not use it to earn extra money. The result is also very good to raise monthly income.

The first way is to sell your shoot photos to various online photo provider sites. The price varies in USD value. Of course adjust to the quality and uniqueness of the photo.

The second way is to become a documentary photographer for wedding / wedding, sports or official events. The pay is very good, ranging from 100 thousand to millions of dollars.

Similarly, various types of side work in accordance with the hobby and expertise of each, may be useful.
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