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High Income Jobs without Higher Education

Good professions with high salaries are often associated with higher education. But the reality is not so, here are some professions that can produce fantastic without high education background.

High Income Jobs without Higher Education
High Income Jobs without Higher Education


Being a merchant is basically what everyone can do, no matter who the person goes to school or whatever his / her last degree.

Even the ancient people who did not know the writing, do not know the currency, but still can trade with the system of barter or goods exchange. 

In addition, trading is a very basic economic activity. Buying a good / service at a low price and selling it to someone else at a higher price. The amount of profit will increase if more goods / services can be sold. 
The income of traders varies, ranging from very small to very fantastic depending on what is sold. If you see the rich people we meet everyday most of the traders. 
Trading does not require any educational degree. Simply can buy goods at cheap prices, and sell them at a higher price. This is why the trading profession is ranked first.

Actor / Actress

Actors and actresses are those who rely on their ability to perform in public. Ability to play a role as a certain character with real expressions. 
Surely this kind of thing exists because of talent and willingness to practice. Many young artists are good at acting even before they graduate from elementary school. And the pay is fantastic for every show / shoot. 
But not everyone has an early talent to play a role, although it can be trained and accustomed. But there are also people who do not fit to occupy this position and although trained will be very difficult.


Almost everyone likes to sing, though not everyone is able to sing well. Singing requires special abilities to make others feel good. 
Singer is a profession that is able to bring fantastic income. Call it some famous singers from outside and within the country who have abundant wealth. 
Her true singing does not require any higher education, even though there is a music school. Singing can be learned and taught by self-taught. Coupled with a talent, someone can become rich by singing.


The artist I mean here is a painter. Many painters are honing their skills by practicing rather than pursuing a degree. Although today many schools paint. 
One unique painting and high artistic value is usually appreciated tens to hundreds of million dollar. Call it a mona lisa painting is now very fantastic price. 
But not everyone can produce good paintings and high value. there must be a high artistic experience to produce good work.


Those who work as professional athletes are required to have a healthy physical and tough, not a high degree. 
Football players for example, usually not too concerned with higher education. More requires physical fitness, skill and experience playing with the team. Prominent soccer players like Christiano Ronaldo can make billions of rupiah every month. 
So about a high-paying profession without higher education. This indicates that everyone with every type of profession has the same chance of success.
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