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The Reason Why Skecth Skill still Important

The term drawing in today's architectural world seems to have shifted to a rigid and intricate technical drawing or a cute 3D rendering image.

But actually there are left behind, namely the architectural sketch drawings. Then how important are sketches in this field of building design profession?

Sketsa Penting dalam Arsitektur
Sketch is important on design

The answer is "Very Important". Sketches are the earliest descriptions of everything to be drawn on the computer. On paper along with a pencil / pen, creative ideas are easier to pour.

Many graduates of architects are less skilled at sketches. Unlike the architects of the past the image quality of the famous painters.

However, there are also graduates of architects who are interested in sketches. Because the sketch is also an important part of the project they live.

Proven many graduate architects who are members of the urban sketchers community.

Here I will explain why the sketch is important, the reason why the graduate architect also must still master this skill, even though there are CAD and 3D images. Here's why:

1. Sketch is the Fastest Way

In presenting a drawing either to the client or to a project partner, the quickest way is with sketch media. Just remove the paper and streak with a pencil / pen.

No need to turn on your laptop or PC to create simple, informative pictures. No need to get others to wait long for the information they need.

2. Sketch Is the Most Expressive Media

Sketches are the most free way to express ideas and imagination. There is no form limit in the sketch, it all depends on the ability of our imagination.

When using CAD technology may also be free, but limited to the ability of the application and takes a much longer time to express it.

3. Sketch is the most simple way

It's fast, free, cheap again. That's the advantage of the sketch. No need to carry a lot of tools or master the software. Only paper and stationery.

In the project state of the field, we often face situations without electricity and without electronic devices. That's where sketches become the only way to express our creative ideas.

4. Sketch is an Artistic Media

Sketches may be a draft drawing, made very quickly but still informative. Sometimes it may look a bit perfunctory according to the needs only.

However, sketches made by skilled people, will certainly look attractive and able to attract the hearts of people who see it, including clients. Not infrequently important decisions are made based on sketches.

5. Sketches skill can be integrated with technology

Times have advanced, but in fact sketching skills are still needed. With a pen tablet, people can pour sketches in digital media.

Sketches skill can be integrated with technology
Sketches skill can be integrated with technology

Sketches on pen tablets could be better with undo features for improvement. But the point remains dependent on the basic ability of the hand in pouring ideas.

Such is the importance of sketches in architecture. Do not be lazy to learn sketches even though there is already sophisticated image technology. Sketching is a cool activity, sometimes sketches can also eliminate the feeling of saturation in the search for ideas.
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