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The Reason Why I Choose Blogger Platform

Blogging is one of my hobby and now it become my passion too. In this post I will tell you about my story of blogging and the reason why I choose blogger platform to put all my words.

First of all, I really don’t like writing on paper as well, but I’d rather like to type on a keyboard. I like to write anything in my mind even sometimes it just a crazy one.

It is good when we can share our mind to the world. When they read our opinion and experience. The videos maybe replaced immediately but words can stay longer for peoples.

I Will tell you the reason why I choose blogger platform based on my experience in blogging. These all what I know and if you have better idea, just write it on comments.

1. Blogger is Totally Free

The first reason, blogger is totally free. It will cost you nothing to create a blogger account. It was better than you spend money on professional website hosting.

2. The Product of Google

Blogger just like a son from Google. With blogger, you will also linked to another google products like Gmail, Youtube, Google Plus and Drive as well.

And with these feature, it will easier to blow up your blog to the  world. There is a auto share feature from your blog post to the Google Plus Community.

3. SEO Friendly

As I said, blogger just one of Google Product and we know Google is a search engine. Based on my experience on 2015, I just create a blog with blogspot domain, poor design but good at the post. I never use any SEO technique and it automatically indexed by Google.

Google is one of the largest search engine of thw world and most of my traffic came from it. Even if I use social referral now, it just a little.

4. Easy to Use and Customize

Blogger is very easy to use, you just sign up to blogger and write your imagination. Blogger has a post editor and I think it was very user friendly for me. You even don’t need html experience to write on blogger.

Blogger is also easy to customize on it’s appearance. There are several nice template provided by blogger. It easy to customize even you not understand html code.

But if you want to set it like a professional website look, you just googling and search the blogger template for free. With the user guide from the template provider, I think you will learn fast for html editing.

5. Easy to Maintenance

Blogger is easy to maintenance. Blogger server usually work well every day and It seems not to be down. You don’t need to maintenace anything.

Just write your post, published it and reply your visitor’s comments. All blog posts can be edited as well so don’t worry for the mistakes.

6. Adsense Ready

Blogger now is linked to Google Adsense, one of the biggest advertising service in the world. So if you wanted to monetize your blog, just write a good post and connect to Adsense.

7. Unlimited Hosting

Blogger provide you unlimited space to write posts. You also can upload thousands images to enrich your articles. If you want to insert videos, just upload it to youtube and embed to blogger.

So, that’s all the reason why I choose blogger platform to put all my articles. I hope you enjoy to read it and thanks for visiting me.
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