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The Power of Black Color in Design

Color is an important element in design. Both the exterior and the interior are just as important. Therefore, the selection and use of color sometimes becomes complicated.

One color that is often used is black. The black color we can get naturally from the use of stones and wood. But can also use artificial paint.

Kekuatan Warna Hitam dalam Desain
The Power of Black Color in Design

Using black in the design gives a prominent, hard, firm, solid and massive impression. But the use of black color that is less precisely makes the design becomes heavy and dark.

Here is the power of black color in the design that must be considered its use.

1. Highlighting Objects

Objects that are black in the room will be something that stands out compared to other objects, let alone the tone of the room is bright.

Meanwhile, for bright objects given a dark background will also form a contrast that will highlight the object. So the black color can be used as a focal point shaper.

2. Lighting Feature

Light objects exposed to light often make people glare to see it, let alone use a shiny material such as tile or marble.

Try using a black marble color in some private places like the bathroom, certainly make the room to be intimate and elegant to be enjoyed.

3. Space Domination

Black color has a hard nature, firm, solid and massive. The black space will dominate the other room if the atmosphere is bright.

4. Warm Impression

Black color is identical with the impression of hard and massive, but the placement of black color in a spacious room can add a warm impression and reduce the impression empty.

In addition, black is also famous for absorbing cayaha, so it is also suitable to be applied in the bathroom or bedroom that requires warmth.

5. Changing Space of the Perspective

Usually the room is black will feature a narrow and cramped impression, but the correct design can give the impression of an elegant and luxurious room.

Warna Hitam Mengubah Perspektif Ruang
Black color change the perspective

6. Beautify the Exposed

Bright colors on the tidy ceiling often become a bad sight especially if the light is on. Use black to expose ceiling to hide exposed structure.

7. Minimize Structure Effect

Dark colors make the object look smaller, especially when the light is less, so the color is suitable applied to the structure such as columns and large beams.

Columns that are black will seem smaller when compared to white columns indoors. So also with the transverse beam above us.

8. Camouflage with Furniture

Electronic devices, plugs and hardware such as hinges / handles often have a design that is less suitable with the room and sometimes disturbing.

Electronic devices often have a black color, so for a simple concept design, can use black to disguise the curve of the device that is less appropriate.

9. Fusion with Fabrics

Nice black color made the background color of the fabric. In the interior, cloth color will appear more if the background is black.

Warna Hitam dan Kain
Black color match the linen

10. Forming and Eliminating Limits

In the interior, black color can form and reinforce the boundary of the room. However, if placed outside the room, the black actually eliminates the boundary of the room.

This happens because the color of the soil outside the room is basically a dark color, so the black color will not be too show up here.

So about the strength of black color in the design, hopefully can help you in beautifying your room. Hopefully pleased and thank you for visiting.
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