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How to Calculate Seat on Your Room

Have you ever thought, how many chairs are required for the dining room in your home? Then what is the number of seats required in the living room? Check out the explanation at this time.

Menghitung Jumlah Kursi di Ruangan
Calculate the seat on your room (img: interiorc.com)

How do you host others in your home? Is it by sitting on the porch or sitting in the living room? Then if you accept a friend to eat at your house? How many chairs are needed?

Ideally, the number of seats is commensurate with the number of occupants. Taryn Willford at Therapeutic Apartment suggested simple rules, based on the rules of home designer Elaine Griffin, to avoid the issue of the number of seats:

Number of Living Room Chairs ≥ Number of Dining Room Chairs

If your dining table has room for five people, provide five comfortable places to sit in your living room. That could mean a sofa that has three chairs with some lounge chairs, or a bigger sofa that sits with a lazy chair to the side.

Obviously, smaller homes will have more difficult keywords with this rule, but you may be able to replace your meal around and use the same seating.

Such is the kind of chair at home, may be useful. Finished the discussion. thanks.
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