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How to Become the Most Wanted Worker

Being a Worker that working for a large, high-paying company has became a great dream by most people, especially for the fresh graduates or workers who want to develop their careers.

So, what kind of person that the company looking for ? and how to be the most wanted employee by the company? Check out The following tips will most likely help you.

How to Become the Most Wanted Worker
How to Become the Most Wanted Worker

An expert named Dr. David Freemantle in his book 50 Strategies to Become the Most Sought Worker describes at least 50 strategies of becoming the most wanted worker.

No matter whether you are pursuing your main job, or your dream job. Tips for becoming the most sought after employee you can use in most types of your work.

Here is step No. 26 To 30, the strategy to become the most sought after employee. The next strategy you should do is as follows:

Tell Your Story

Always prepare for your story, but tell the story only if the listener really wants to listen it and it must contain valuable lessons that can be learned from the story. A great story is a motivator and inspiration giver.

The point is you should be able to tell and express thoughts to your boss, partner or subordinate. Make sure the stories fit the situation and are valuable enough to be heard.

Scribble Notes

While on the go, a piece of paper is much more effective than a notebook or smartphone. Finding the words you want to issue is a huge challenge.

Use any waste paper for this purpose. Your memories are far less effective in capturing important information than simple notes on paper.

The point is, always keep track of important things in the job so you can remember it better. When a partner or boss ask about it, a note is more reliable than your word or memory.

Make it Short and Simple

The hardest words are the words you should delete. Take the time to edit your communication and make it more effectively.

The point is, when you are in a work situation, maybe not everyone can hear you for long. Most people just want to hear the most important thing. So try a short answer, dense and clear.

Set Your Voice

Generate sound that inspires others. Every day, try to listen to the sound of your own voice. You'll know when your voice is tuned to perfection so the people will pay attention to you. Words came out easily. Be the one whose voice is nice to hear.

The point is an increase in the way of verbal communication. Good chats can improve a positive working relationship for your career.

To Be Good, Look for the Good

Give praise to the place, and people will be indebted to you. Find positive things from everyone you meet each day, then look for ways to reflect these positive things back to them. Praise is an important factor.

The point is to be a good person for people in your work environment. Build a positive association that will make your position count.

So about the Tips to Become the Most Sought Employee Company. Being a worker is never enough just by working full time, coming on time or how often you do overtime.

But how to build good communication to all your colleagues and bosses so that you are the most sought-after figure by the company. May be useful.


Book 50 Strategy to Become the Most Wanted Worker David Freemantle
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