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Study Reveals, More Prosperous Mother May Have a Boy Baby



Boy Baby

Around the world, the birth rate of boy baby is declining. Over the course of 12 years, researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) analyzed birth rates across Australia.

They found that in most states, boys were born at 105 per 100 girls, but in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) the number was closer to 110.

The lead researcher, Alison Behie, said the findings are consistent with the Trivers-Willard theory, in which the mother's condition has a role in determining the sex of the baby. She found that women who consider themselves prosperous are more likely to have sons.

This explains the phenomenon that occurs in ACT, where their socio-economic status is higher than the average of other states.

"Apparently, until 2015, ACT has a very different pattern in which there are still many baby boys born," Behie said as quoted by Australia Plus ABC.

"When you enter ACT into data from across Australia, there are actually more baby boys born, but if you exclude all babies from ACT, there is a slight decrease, similar to the global pattern," he continued.

Condition of Mother Influence Gender

ACT has some of Australia's highest average educational and income levels with a population of 400,000. Researchers found that giving birth to a boy is related to the mother's perception of her own well-being.

"We tested many things: education, income, and what we really consider important are welfare perceptions, so women who feel prosperous," said Dr Behie.

Behie goes on, it covers several things. Like parental support networks, education, debt, and other things that can not be written in numerical and quantitative data.

From the phenomenon that occurred in ACT and compared with his research, Behie revealed his theory makes sense. Behie said, what women think is not just a matter of reproduction.

"But women are responsible for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it is more expensive for women to have children," said Dr. Behie.

He continued, if a woman is in good condition, has access to many resources, the body is really strong, then biologically it will make women want to have a son.

"If so, women can have some boys who have high quality, and they will own many children," Behie continued. But, before mothers look to a baby boy and start focusing on a bank account, Dr. Behie says that the mother must also remember, this finding is only one potential factor.
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