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Reduce Sosial Media Depression

Reduce Sosial Media Depression
Reduce Sosial Media Depression

Fortunately, there are several sniper moves that can be done to prevent depression from the snares of social media. The author of How To Prevent Social Media Depression, Nicola Brown shares the way for you :

1. Cut social media time

Brown suggests for a week to pay attention to social-social patterns and duration. For example, an average of about two hours a day of surfing on social media.

"If it's normal two hours a day, try to cut it in half, ie an hour to open social media," advises Brown.

Discipline of time is absolutely necessary. As you know, the internet world directs you to keep clicking there and here until you forget the time.

2. Change the way social media is used

When you open social media, make sure you know your destination. For example to know the latest news from junior high school friends. Not to know, who's the girlfriend of ex-boyfriend. By setting that goal, keep away from the risks of comparing yourself with others.

If it limits the use of social media, it also helps more connected to the relationships of people in the real world. So can chat with friends or plan fun activities with family.

3. Read news from official website instead of seocial media

All news portals are connected to social media, so often people read news share from friends. However, there is some information not from the official news portal alias abal-abal is not known with certainty the truth.

Well, if indeed your mission to open social media to read news, why not directly open the official website. Nothing wrong with reading the newspaper in the digital era as it is today, suggested Brown.
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