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Exit The Body Without Dying, Can Humans Really Do It?

Many people claim to have experienced the sensation of 'out of the body'. Not dead, but out of the body for a moment to then go back and move on.

If you watch Doctor Strange, you'll probably know that experience in the dilm is owned by Steohen Strange. However, a human person can do it in the real world? How does science explain the phenomenon?

In his writings in Livescience, Benjamin Radford, psychologist and author of Skeptical Inquirer Science explains, science is actually not familiar with the experience.

He revealed, indeed 8 - 20 people in the population claimed to have experienced it. But hard to prove it. According to him, an experience that is often said to be out of the body is actually a dream or a fantasy.

If such an experience exists, it should be a simple way of proving it. An experiment can be done. For example put items in 10 different places. From there, a person is asked to describe the location and analyze its accuracy.

In fact, the real world also provides a container to experiment. There are disasters, shootings, and more. If someone does have the ability to get out of the body, then he can be asked to place it and save potential victims.

There are allegations that unbelieving scientists experience coming out of narrow-minded bodies. However, there is no scientific evidence from that experience.

The fact is that there is even a sad fact of an out-of-body experience. Business with a spiritual name is very profitable. Many books and DVDs that explain and teach how to fly, to other dimensions, and of course the book about removing the soul from the body, selling in the market.

Advantages? run from people whose opinions can not be accounted for.

According to Susan Blackmore, author of the book "Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body Experience", people with astral projection have high scores in hypnotic responsiveness and absorptive ability, ie the ability to pay attention to something imaginary and become one with the thing in his imagination.

They are easier to imagine and are easily influenced. Their fantasy level is above average, although in good health and not affected by drugs.

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