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Beware The Dangers of Drinking Ice Water After Eating

Beware The Dangers of Drinking Ice Water After Eating
Beware The Dangers of Drinking Ice Water After Eating

Drinking ice water after eat

Drinking ice water after eating can cause indigestion. The reason, cold temperatures can change the consistency of food consumed. This makes the body more difficult to digest food.

Moreover, if the food consumed contains fat. It will be more dangerous because the fat tends to harden when mixed with ice water. If the digestion becomes slower, it can cause reflux disorders (gastric acid).

In addition, drinking too much ice water also gives a bad effect, which can dilute the acid used in the stomach to break food. This will obviously slow down the digestive process. In effect, people easily feel lethargic and tired after eating so that interfere with activities to be lived after a meal.

Causes of Toothache and Migraine

Other digestive disorders that may occur are abdominal pain and bloating. This happens because some foods can expand when eaten with water, especially ice water. The pain will get worse if you continue to drink ice water.

Usually, this happens when someone eats spicy food and relies on ice water to neutralize it. In fact, if drinking water while eating spicy food, the food will be difficult to digest, it is prone to cause diarrhea.

In addition to digestive problems, drinking ice water after eating can also cause toothache, especially in people who have sensitive teeth. Not only that, this habit can also trigger migraines and other types of headaches.

According to the Step to Health page, the body is designed to consume food and drinks at the same temperature. Eating food with a counter-temperature will make the digestive system work harder.

To avoid the health problems that can be lurked by drinking ice water, experts recommend drinking water at room temperature, not a temperature that is too cold for the body.
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