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4 Tips How to Stay Healthy

Tips How to Stay Healthy
Tips How to Stay Healthy

Here are four main tips from fitness experts about how to stay healthy and motivated as quoted from Standart :


1. Make your friends involved

Having an exercise schedule with a friend will motivate you because you do not want to disappoint him. - Charlotte Thomas from Lunges and Lycra


2. Do something you like

Whether it's running or dancing, your passion for it will help you survive with it. - Charlie Watson from The Runner Beans, and Hannah and Emily in Twice The Health.


3. Get enough rest, eat a balanced diet and set goals

This will help you stay on track and get the results you want. - Bradley Simmonds, celebrity personal trainer


4. Look back and review your health

You will see the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle both in your physical and mental state. - Dr. Luke James, medical director for health and clinics at Bupa UK
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