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The Science Behind the Phenomenon of Goosebumps, What Actually Happened?

The Science Behind the Phenomenon of Goosebumps, What Actually Happened?

Whenever feeling cold, afraid of ghosts or altitude, to remember the painful experience, human creeps.

What is really happening behind the phenomenon of goosebumps? What is the purpose? George A. Bubenik, a physiologist from the University of Guelph in Ontario gave answers.

In his writings in Scientific American, Bubenik describes that goosebumps are phenomena and body expressions inherited from human ancestors.

Chickens and water buffaloes can actually creeps. Just like humans, the sign is the lift of the feathers of his body.

Goosebumps are triggered by muscle contractions connected with hair or body hair. Contraction causes a skin surface and a hoop on the surrounding area.

In animals, feathers that stand quite functioning. For example, helps warm the body. However, in humans who have poor body hair, goosebumps are actually not very useful.

How cold, threatened, and fearful temperatures can trigger creeps? It's actually related to the hormonal reactions of the body.

When you feel fear or cold, the body is stressed. Finally, the body also issued the hormone adrenaline. Well, the next adrenaline triggers muscle contraction on the skin surface.

Not every adrenaline release leads to creeps. Other effects can be increased blood pressure, sweating, or shaking.
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