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Avoid These 2 Major Mistakes During Job Interview

Avoid These 2 Major Mistakes During Job Interview

Everyone has a moment that they hope can be repeated again. In a professional life, it is important to make sure the moment is not during a job interview.

Head of HRD software company Jobvite, Rachel Bitte, revealed there are two major mistakes that are often made candidates who ultimately lead to failure.Bitte himself had interviewed 6,000 people in his career as an employee recruiters, including when he worked at Apple.

Here are two mistakes we should avoid when looking for work.

1. Behave disrespectful

You could be considered a brazen person even if you did not say a word to the HRD manager. Bitte exemplifies the case he had encountered while working at Intuit.

After conducting a telephone interview with a candidate, he also arranged a meeting for a second stage interview. The interview was conducted in a restaurant.

However, the behavior of the candidate is not considered polite. "The way he treats the waitress has told him a lot about his behavior," he said.

Today there are many companies that adopt the "rule of the maid". Tupperware CEO Rick Going also admitted to always checking into the reception desk after he conducted an interview with an employee candidate to make sure the person was indeed polite.

"Seeing an employee candidate interacting with people in a real environment can help potential bosses know their negative behavior," Bitte said.

2. Forgot to ask

Another small but significant mistake is to forget to ask. "It can show us as if we do not care," Bitte said.

Bitte says it's important to research and collect questions about the company or the position it will occupy to show us care.

The key, do not give a question that shows we do not know anything. An in-depth or insightful question just shows you are enthusiastic and want to be involved.

"Show us you are a passionate candidate, show curiosity about the job being targeted," he said.
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