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What Is A Pokemon Go ?

What Is A Pokemon Go

The gaming world, especially in smartphones, is excited. Players are racing out of the house, traveling to a certain location, and catching monsters, mostly cute and cute, named Pokemon. Yes, the world is currently avid a new game called Pokemon Go.
So, what exactly is Pokemon Go? This is an augmented-reality based game developed by Pokemon Company in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic.
Niantic's own name, perhaps, has been heard among smartphone gamers. The reason, the company spin off Google is a party behind the popular game Ingress, which is also based augmented-reality.
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Generally, Pokemon Go is a free game for Android and iOS, allowing its players to capture hidden Pokemon in various real-world locations.
In the game itself, the game developers provide some items that can be purchased with real money. The purpose of the paid item (in app purchase), one of which is to accelerate the development of Pokemon owned players.
Events and objects that exist in this game, as KompasTekno summarized from Phone Arena, Saturday (9/7/2016), has its own location in the real world. To get both, players have to leave home and go to a specific location.
Pokemon Go allows players to capture Pokemon in the real world (Pokemon Company)
Users can see the world of Pokemon through the smartphone screen as a viewfinder from the camera of the device. Later, players will see various animations and 3D objects on the screen.
3D objects will be a Pokemon monster. You will later play the role of Trainer in charge of capturing as many Pokemon as possible.
Various types of Pokemon can be found in several areas of the world's geography. For example, if a player goes to the river area, will find a water-type Pokemon. Surely this will invite players to explore the area.
After the capture, as the name implies, the Trainer, is in charge of training the captured Pokemon. Players need to increase the level of the Pokemon to get stronger.
After that, Trainers can exchange Pokemon. Players can also compete by making Pokemon fight each other
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