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Weight Loss, Down with This Exciting Sports

Weight Loss, Down with This  Exciting Sports

Usually after the Lebaran holiday one's body weight tends to rise. The reason, too much consume foods high in sugar and cholesterol, such as pastries, ketupat vegetables, and beef.

Well, if your weight has shown up symptoms, do not let go or be silent. Exercise for weight loss and ideal return.

One way to be diligent in exercising and not being a burden is to do a fun sport.

Here are some fun sports that can lose weight because it burns many calories, as quoted from health.usnews.com on Wednesday (6/3/2016).

First, golf. A whole day of golf on the field turned out to burn calories significantly.

However, it can happen as long as you play golf on foot to move from one hole-hole-to the other. This sport can be fun when done together with the club.

The calories burned from this sport as much as 267 for people weighing 58.9 Kilograms (Kg). Then, 369 calories for people weighing 81.6 kg.

Calculation of calorie burning calculations based on The Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide.

Second, softball or baseball. Sports known as baseball is actually burning calories well.

Pitcher Releasing Baseball (Mike Watson Images)
The average number of calories burned will be just as good as fast-pitch or slow-pitch or slow-pitch.

Total calories burned from this sport for people weighing 58.9 kg is 310 calories. Meanwhile, if the weight is 81.6 kg then the big calories burned reach 430 calories.

Third, the tennis court. According to the United States Tennis Association playing tennis in pairs or doubles will burn calories and help improve agility.

Therefore, invite your friends to play tennis in pairs.

The amount of calories burned for 372 calories for people weighing 58.9 kg. Meanwhile, if the weight is 81.6 kg then the calories burned as many as 515 calories.

Fourth, swimming. Almost all the muscles in the body organs work when swimming.

Swim freestyle with medium speed for example. This exercise is great for the feet, knees, gluteus-one of the three large muscles in the buttocks-and the core muscle.

The amount of calories burned was significant. For example if your weight is 58.9 kg then calories burned to reach 434 calories.

Meanwhile, if you weigh 180 kg then calories burned for 601 calories.

Fifth, football. Almost everyone knows with this sport especially for men.

Local governments and developers are building the field to reduce the lack of green space in the city center. Understandably, during this amateur players are very limited to be able to play in a good field, except to take advantage of local parks or small stadiums. (Www.dailymail.co.uk)
One of the most popular sports in the world turned out to burn a lot of calories. Its cause because this sport requires players to keep running.

However, all that can happen when you play with full and truly.

Total calories burned reached 434 for the size of 58.9 kg body weight. As for the person weighing 81.6 kg of calories burned by 601.

Sixth, basketball. Sports game played by 2 teams with each team consisting of 5 players turned out to include a type of sport that burned kolari with many.

Even when played with medium tempo and with full play time can burn calories significantly.

Combatants and jumping movements are the reason why this sport can burn many calories.

The number of calories burned can reach 496 for those who weigh 58.9 kg. As for those who weigh 81.6 kg, the number of calories burned reached 687.

Seventh, beach volleyball. For those who are not accustomed to exercise on the beach walk or even run on the sand becomes more difficult.

Sandy beach surfaces make footwork heavy so it takes a lot of energy to move. As a result of burning calories became more.

Well, this is what happens when you play beach volleyball. The combination of running motion, jumping and hitting the ball makes the body produce many calories.

The total calories burned can reach 496 for the weight 58.9 kg. Meanwhile, for those who have a weight of 81.6 kg the number of calories burned by 687 kg.

Lastly, rock climbing. The higher you climb, the more calories you burn. Whether it's climbing on an artificial wall or on a natural cliff they both burn a lot of calories. How come?

As you climb the cliff then every muscle in the body from the tip of the finger until the sole of the foot works hard.

The total calories burned can reach 683 for the weight 58.9 kg.
Meanwhile, for those who have a weight of 81.6 kg the number of calories burned by 945 kg.
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