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This Pharaoh Can Be The First Giant in the World

In various cultures and civilizations, giants are an important part of myth and legend. However, the giant is actually more than a fantasy or imagination. A condition called gigantism can produce excessive growth so a human can resemble a giant.This is what happened to Sa-Nakht, a pharaoh who lived in the third dynasty of Egypt (around 2700 BC).Researchers investigating a body frame believed to be Sa-Nakth reported in the journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology that the pharaoh could be the world's first known human giant at the moment.
Michael Habicht, an expert on Egyptian history and culture from the University of Zurich and the author of the study, told Live Science Aug. 4, 2017 that based on previous studies, the height of Sa-Nakth during his life reached 1.987 meters. In fact, the average height of men at that time only 1.7 meters.Then, even though the researchers had considered the health and food of the pharaohs who were surely better than the people, Sa-Nakth's height remained beyond Ramsses II, which is now listed as the highest pharaoh in history.

 "Ramsses II who lived 1,000 years after Sa-Nakht was only 1.75 meters," Habicht said.The extraordinary height of Sa-Nakth is apparently caused by gigantism. The researchers write that the bones of the long pharaoh show evidence of excessive growth and gigantism.Then, since no other member of the Egyptian kingdom is known to have gigantism, Sa-Nakth could be the first case of this disorder in the world.

This discovery even more intrigued the researchers' curiosity.Habicht said, in the early dynasty of Egypt, a short body shape is preferred. This can be seen from the number of short-bodied people who enter the palace. However, the reasons for this preference are still unknown.However, judging from the elite cemetery of Sa-Nakth, the researchers argue that the people of that period did not have a certain social stigma against gigantism
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