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The Strongest Jutsu in Naruto Anime

The Strongest Jutsu in Naruto Anime


Ninjutsu is a term referring to almost any technique that allows users to do something they would otherwise do including the use of weapons. Unlike Genjutsu that makes them see the illusion, the effects of ninjutsu are real.More complex ninjutsu manipulates one's environment or elements, each serving tasks such as healing others or manipulating nature.


Fuuinjutsu is a specialized technique which is owned by the Uzumaki clan, one of the greatest Kunoichi Fuuinjutsu is Mito.Fuuinjutsu Uzumaki is a type of jutsu to seal the living creatures, chakra along with various other things in lain.Fuuinjutsu objects can also be used to unseal good thing From within something or someone.


Refers to the special field of engineering that allows the user to feel then collect the natural energy (Shizen Enerugi)

4.Kekkei Touta

Kekkei touta is the natural energy in the body of a shinobi that is more than kekkei genkai ie three natural energies, the owner of kekkei toutta is Nidaime tsucikage and sandaime sucikage.

5.Kekkei Genkai

Is 2 natural energy flowing in the body of a shinobi, for example Haku


Is a technique whereby the chakra is squeezed inside the body and turned into fire and is thrown through the mouth of a fireball or a roaring fire or as a fire thrower.


Is a wooden style of advanced nature kekkei genkai formed from earth and water is chakra that form wood or complete tree.


Is the style of lightning


Is the water style


Jinton is dust style jutsu


Is the style of the wind, for example rasengan


Meaning fight without weapons

I think thats all
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