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The Story of Michael Phelps

The Story of  Michael Phelps

Yes, It is remarkable indeed to listen to the story of a veteran swimmer from the United States, Michael Phelps. In fact he is called the most successful Olympians of all time with a total achievement of 28 medals during a career in the Olympic arena.

But at the last Olympics Rio Games 2016 which is currently being held, it tucked a very inspiring story of the resurrection of a Michael Phelps. Who would have thought, before attending the Rio Olympics, he once felt the heavy despresi even arise desire in his mind to end life.

How could that happen, and what kind of journey that ultimately reverses the situation of Michael who is actually able to return victorious in the Olympic closing career? Here's more inspirational story.

The Other Side of the Olympic Swimming King

A great achievement for an athlete to get a winning prize in the Olympic world-class sporting event in a row. This has been felt by United States swimmer Michael Phelps who is currently successfully embrace the Olympic victory 5 times in a row. More extraordinary again because it was achieved he achieved only two years later from the condition of the downturn experienced.

Back in a few years ago, at the end of 2014, Michael had to deal with the police on charges of driving while drunk. At that time, he who had completed his fourth Olympics with brilliant results was overwhelmed by anxiety because he felt unable to re-rise at the next Olympics.

At that time he had told himself that the world would be better without him, and the best option would be to end life. A very ironic word, because it is spoken by someone who has tremendous success.

As mentioned earlier, when after the 4th Olympics in 2002, Michael Phelps had planned to close his career as a swimmer. But because of the big push not only in him but also from the people around Michael, made him want to go back to try the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

But it turns out when starting to say want to return to work to the train, Bob Bowman, the coach was feeling quite pessimistic to see the age of Phelps who was not young anymore. In addition in terms of competition, the presence of many young participants would be a difficult thing to overcome even with the experience of Michael who has won 18 medals at the time.

And it was true, after diving a number of strenuous exercise, Michael's achievement was not able to achieve the prime condition. Even a bad outlet he did often went to the casino to gamble and drink alcohol. It is precisely the same that makes him almost tasted prodeo hotel due to drunk while driving.

You can imagine the psychic condition of Michael Phelps who 2 years previously regarded as the most successful Olympic sportsman in history with 18 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze, has now become a desperate drunkard. The wheel tub spun, within 2 years he fell dance the highest position on the lowest gorge.

Michael Phelps's Resurrection Period

Of course many are asking whether the secret of Michael Phelps to get back on his best performance even extend the record achievements of the sporting pool at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The answer is that there are still some people who love Michael and always support him in times of severe conditions. One of them is a close friend who is also a fellow athlete Ray Lewis. At that time, after locking himself for 72 hours in the room, he called Ray and got great advice from his best friend. Ray gave a copy of an inspirational book entitled "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.

After reading a few sheets of books, Michael's mind jerked and started wanting to rearrange his life. In the period of 18 months of probation and also not allowed to join the activities of the United States contingent, he spent much time to read his main book related to self-motivation.

At one of the rehab centers, Michael enriched himself with several additional books such as Viktor E Frankl's book "Man's Search for Meaning" and Joseph Murphy's book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". And when out of the rehabilitation center, Michael Phelps seemed to be a new person.

The change was also seen by the coach and also the other United States swimming team, and finally Michael Phelps was officially included on the contingent of the United States swim sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In the branch of the relay number 4 × 100 m, he with the team Ryan Murphy, Cody Miller and Nathan Adrian even managed to score the latest record of 27.95 seconds. And during the Olympics held finally confirmed the name of Michael Phelps with a total achievement of 28 medals in the form of 23 gold, three silver and two bronze.

The above story may be a roller coaster in human life. How not, in just four years Michele Phelps felt how much at the peak of career and the brink of destruction. The most important and we can learn is that, although our life story is not as extreme as Michele Phelps, we must be sure there is always a second chance of failure or despair. All we have to do is find the momentum to get back up and transform into a new, better
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