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The Inspiration Gained by The World Technology Innovator From the late Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Some of the world-class tech innovators below, had given some brief thoughts about the figure of Steve Jobs in their eyes.

1. Larry Page (Google founder)

Lary Page states that the thing that is always remembered from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve provides an enormous focus to develop a product that is able to bring the perfect experience for the user.

2. John Sculley (president of the Pepsi Cola company)

Lifting the other side of the figure of Steve Jobs, the number one man in the Pepsi Cola company was struck by how Steve's vision when injecting beauty in every product he created. Steve Jobs is always trying to make a product that is not only useful but also able to give the impression even though it even has a very simple look.

3. John Lasseter (CCO Pixar Animation)

Next, as a person in the field of animation design, one of the things that really inspired himself from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve to continue to encourage others around him to produce works that are more and better than ever.

It is true, when Steve Jobs gave birth to a new innovation, not infrequently its competitors feel challenged to give birth to an innovation that exceeds that of at that time. Indirectly, this becomes the fertilizer of creativity in the technology industry that benefits everyone.

4. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)

In an earlier article we have time to discuss the length of how the history closely between the success of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with Steve Jobs.

At that time, virtually indirectly, Steve Jobs contributed part of the success achieved by Facebook today. Recognized directly by Mark, when he came to Steve to ask for advice when his company was at an "intersection", Steve gave a very wise suggestion to get back to the original purpose of why Mark built his company.

5. Tim Cook (Apple executives)

As one of his colleagues at Apple company, Tim Cook recalled the last message delivered by the late Steve Jobs. At that time, Tim recalled that one of the things Steve kept thinking about the end was Apple. And he told him not to think about what to do. He simply advised, to do what we believe to be the truth.

6. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Company)

While still actively leading Apple, Steve Jobs is known not to be a very pleasant person. However, when something happens to the Apple company, Jobs is the center of everything. Although, Steve has gained tremendous success, he does not just walk away from the company. He stays there, even accompanying everyone in the team until the end of his life.

7. Barack Obama

Even President Barack Obama's classmate, also gave extraordinary attention to the figure of Steve Jobs. When the character passed away, he said that Steve is one of the best innovators American has ever had. He always dared to think differently, always tough in his stance change the world, and very talented to realize his dreams!
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