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Still Interesting Be a Blogger?

Still Interesting Be a Blogger?

Until now, the lure of earning money from # internet is always tempting anyone. Especially with the extraordinary income frills and the various conveniences offered work from the internet. One of the favorites of young people now is to become a Blogger. By managing some blogs then monetize the blog in hopes of getting abundant money with a light or even effortless effort.
Though true blogging activity is a very hard work. Especially for those of us who are still lay and beginners really in the world of blogging, then when not having a strong determination will undoubtedly spend your time and energy alone. Below are some things that are considered most difficult by bloggers, especially for novice bloggers.


1. Difficult to Get Approve Google Adsense

Looks like this is a classic problem for beginner Bloggers, it's hard to get approve from #Google Adsense. It gets approve from Google Adsense can be said bother easy. There are several points that must be met in advance for a blog can be considered good by Google and then can be accepted into an Adsense publisher.
Which is often a problem is when beginner bloggers want to get accepted as an Adsense publisher regardless of the quality and quality of the blog itself. Beginners tend to rush into registering a blog to be accepted as a budding publisher. The best thing to do in my opinion is, make a blog as good as possible and consistently first in managing the blog, then think next strategy.


2. Getting Many Visitors That Is Not an Easy Case

With increasingly fierce competition as it is today, to get an abundant visitor is not an easy matter. Many #niche or discussions that are currently so crowded filled with the # blogger. And of course it will make us more difficult to get visitors.
This is what often makes bloggers justify any means to get visitors such as spreading hoax news such as popular artist died and so forth. Need extra power and effort to be able to compete with other blogs and get lots of visitors.


3. Must Write Articles Every Day

After all, you as a blogger must be diligent in writing articles for later publish. Every day you have to update your blog so that visitors do not leave your blog. It feels tired to have to write an article every day, not to mention when you're in a standoff in writing. Especially if the boredom starts to hit you, surely it will further add to the weight of your trip to become a blogger.


4. Compete Getting Page One That's Exhausting

This is closely related to the point at number two, when you target a keyword and then successfully occupy page one, then it could be your visitor source. But do not be happy, because to get the page one position you have to beat many other blogs that of course it is very difficult.
Especially on keywords that are popular and much sought after by people, surely it will drain your energy and time. Here a lot to make the Blogger give up which then discourage them in the blogging world.


5. Getting Money From Blogs It Takes Time

Of course everything can not be obtained instantly, it all takes a process and time not for a moment. To be able to earn money from blogs maybe a year is a time that can be said very quickly.
There are some bloggers who say they can only earn money from blogs after blogging for three years, four years and even five. So everything is not an instant job and does not require hard work, it all depends on your hard work in this blogging world.

6. Takes Lots of Time and Energy

It will certainly take up your time and energy. Your time with your family and those closest to you will definitely be reduced due to your blogging activity. And that is something heavy, especially for you who are married. And not only time and energy will be depleted, it may also be financially reduced. And it all can not guarantee you will get money from your blogging activity.
How, still interest in becoming a blogger? Or stop here. It all depends on your own decisive, stay advanced or give up to achieve success as a Blogger!
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