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Rest Doesn't Mean Not Doing Anything

Rest Doesn't Mean Not Doing Anything
Most people take breaks by relaxing on the couch, not doing homework, or lying in bed while playing the gadget. However, such a break model does not relieve fatigue.

Although these activities make the posture relaxed, but not with our minds. Rest is an activity that also involves mental, not just physical. If you perform activities such as playing gadgets or watching television while resting, you are only stimulating a counterproductive mental activity to rest.

Doing an unconscious activity, such as just watching a television or watching the lines of time on social media, is not something we do not think about. Our brains will continue to process all that is done and also prepare ourselves to socialize.

Such "resting" activities are a quick path to exhaustion. We also find it difficult to get quality rest.

Research proves, the brain needs something to focus in order to reach the stage of rest. The brain needs a goal.

Rest is an activity and not a state of not doing anything. Here are two important ways to trigger the brain more actively and can rest.

Make a very different switch

If you work long hours in front of a computer, after a few hours go to a more physical task, or take a walk around the office. If you are working on a very technical and detailed project, try to do something that requires a bit of creativity.

If you have a day of meetings or presentations, when you are looking for time alone. For example, do something in your room to make the settings of the school's school menu without being disturbed

The brain always needs and likes focus. Making the transition of two different activities will make the brain more relaxed so we can recover energy.

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Do light physical movements

Research shows that regular exercise is one of the best remedies for those who are tired. Mild exercise movements will reduce stress, increase productivity, and generally will improve blood circulation. This fact applies to those who have jobs that do not move much.

If you are a person who works in a small booth facing a computer screen for a full day, light exercises like moving your legs, head, and neck, can reduce fatigue.

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