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Japanese Scientists Create Non Melting Ice Cream

Non Melting Ice Cream

Have you ever watched or read the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? In the film, told that rival Willy Wonka managed to create ice cream that can not melt even in hot weather.
When Roald Dahl published the book in 1964, an ice cream that could not melt was merely an imagination. However, scientists have now made it a reality and sold it under the Kanazawa Ice label in various cities in Japan.
The discovery of ice cream that can not melt occurs accidentally when researchers at the Biotherapy Development Research Center, Kanazawa Japan, are trying to recycle the broken strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture.
They asked a cake maker to create a new candy from polyphenol, a liquid taken from a brewery. However, the cake maker complained that the cream always hardened when touched polyphenols.
At that moment, the researchers realized that they had discovered something extraordinary.
To Asahi Shimbun July 30, 2017, ice cream developer, Tomihisa Ota, said, polyphenol fluid has the ability to make water and oil difficult to separate so ice cream containing this liquid can maintain its shape longer than usual and difficult to melt.
This is also evidenced by SoraNews who reported that the ice cream was not melted after being left for three hours at room temperature.
Takeshi Toyoda, president of the Biotherapy Development Research Center, also said that the ice cream will still be able to maintain its shape despite the hot wind from the hair dryer
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