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Is He the Inventor of Bitcoin?

The Inventor of Bitcoin
An Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright admits that he is the inventor of Bitcoin's virtual payment tool.

This confession breaks years of speculation about who the figure behind Bitcoin is.

Wright revealed his identity to three media, the BBC, GQ, and The Economist.

He also provided technical proof of his confession using a coin known to be owned by the creator of Bitcoin.

In his meeting with the BBC, Wright signed the message digitally using the cryptological keys created in the early days of Bitcoin's development.

These keys are connected to the known bitcoin blocks created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

"These are the blocks used to send 10 bitcoins to Hal Finney in January 2009 as the first bitcoin transaction," Wright explained in his demonstration.

Wright reveals, the famous cryptologist Hal Finney is a salay one of the engineers who helped bring Wright's idea into the Bitcoin protocol.

Wright claims he is an important part of the process, but he is helped by several people.

Shortly after Wright's admission, the chief scientist at Bitcoin Foundation Gavin Andersen published a personal blog upload.

Andersen claims that Wright is rightly the inventor of Bitcoin.

"I'm sure Craig Steven Wright is the one who found Bitcoin," Andersen wrote.

Meanwhile, economist and co-director of the Bitcoin Foundation Jon Matonis said he was convinced Wright was the inventor of Bitcoin.

"During a session in London, I had the opportunity to review relevant data in three ways: cryptology, social and technical, and I believe that Craig Wright meets all the categories," Matonis explained.
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