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How to Play Powerball

How to Play Powerball

Claude "Al" G, a resident of Rifle, Colorado, got the latest Powerball lottery jackpot in August this year. When asked what he would do after earning a total jackpot of $ 90 million, the 53-year-old man replied eagerly, "My wife and I want to take a vacation and have fun!".  

Prior to Al, in July 2014, John Long of California earned about $ 36 million dollars, and Mary Ann Thompson of Ohio earned $ 73 million dollars. The largest number won in 2014 was achieved by B. Raymond Buxton from California, which was $ 242 million in February. Well, do you want to be the next Powerball jackpot winner? This article will guide you playing Powerball from the comfort of your own home.

How to Play American Powerball

1. The Powerball goal is to select 6 (six) numbers corresponding to the number drawn in the jackpot sweepstakes.

2. The easiest and quickest way is to select "quick pick" (quick selection), which is a series of randomly selected numbers by the lottery machine. 
3. If you selected your own number, choose a different number between 1 and 59, as well as one "Powerball" number from 1 to 35. The Powerball number may be equal to one of the five numbers you have selected, since it is pulled from the number pool different. 
4. When playing Powerball, you must choose either Cash Option or Jackpot Annuity. With Cash Option, you choose to receive cash value from the jackpot in lump sum form after tax deductible. Annuity Jackpot options give you some of the total jackpots in 30 installments (for 29 years). 
5. Each ticket is worth $ 2 plus online service fee. 
6. In most states selling Powerball tickets, you can choose to add the Power Play feature by adding $ 1 for each ticket (this feature is not available in California). Power Play can increase your chances of winning non-jackpot prizes up to 2, 3, 4, or 5-fold, depending on the number of Power Play that was withdrawn that night. Check the "YES" box under "Power Play" to select this feature. 
7. Drawing is done every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm Eastern American time (or Thursday and Sunday at 10 am). 
8. Online tickets can be purchased until 5:00 pm Eastern American time. Check back on the intermediate site you use to confirm this time.

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