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Folded Beds Been There Since 3.300 Years Ago, Here's The Proof

Folded Beds

King Tutankhamun, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt more than 3,300 years ago is known to have a folding bed similar to a modern camping bed. Researchers believe that this bed is the world's first folding bed.
The bed was first discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.
It is made of light hardwood and is smaller and smaller in size compared to the other five beds found in King Tut's burial chamber. Nevertheless, the bed features exceptional levels of comfort, with elegant design and state of the art technology.
"No detailed study has been done on this bed since Carter made his sketches nearly a hundred years ago," said Naoko Nishimoto, one of the researchers and architects who studied ancient furniture and carpentry at Tokyo's Musashino University, as quoted by Live Science, Tuesday (1/8/2017).
According to a study conducted by Nishimoto and colleagues, it turns out this bed is a folding bed that can be bent into three parts so it resembles the shape of the letter Z.
The researchers also suspect that the bed was made specifically for King Tut. "This is the only folding bed ever found.No other pharaohs have it besides King Tut.This is very interesting," Nishimoto said.
Previously, the researchers had once analyzed a small bed found in Gebelein, Egypt. The bed can be folded into two and designed first before King Tut's bed.
However, King Tut's bed is more revolutionary and has a good mechanism. The design is more stable, more comfortable, and much easier to carry than a two-fold bed.
Research on the technical features of this folding bed also shows the unique relationship between shape and function. "The result is a combination of wooden frame, bronze hinges, and comfortable woven mats," added Nishimoto.
Another interesting part of this bed is his four lion-shaped legs with claws. With the shape of the elaborate legs, folding the bed becomes more difficult.
To overcome this problem, the ancient craftsmen designed several hinges placed on the four legs. "In this way, the legs release the hinges from the pressure while the bed is being used," Nishimoto continued.
This complex folding system requires two different types of hinges. Single hinges with plugs are used in the middle and toe, while the double hinges are designed for a pair of front maids. "The double-hinged legs can be swirled in simultaneously as the bed is folded," Nishimoto said.
Looking at the complex design, you can say that this bed not only reveals the craftsmanship of the great ancient Egyptian craftsmen, but also how Tutankhamun's ideas were young.
"Although King Tut is a weak king and never follows a heavy long-distance expedition, he still likes the idea of ​​hunting and camping," Nishimoto said.
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