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Egypt Discover Ancient 2,000-year-old tomb from Roman times

Egypt Discover Ancient 2,000-year-old tomb from Roman times

The discovery of the ancient tomb re-occur. This time, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced it had discovered five ancient tombs dating back some 2,000 years in Behhhhtar-Shaghala, Oasis Dakhla on Wednesday (08/23/2017).

The tomb is made of mud brick and a number of tombs is quite large with the existence of some burial space. One roof of the tomb has a pyramid shape, the rest is dome-shaped.

Previously, eight other graves in the same location were found first for six seasons of excavation. In the tomb, researchers appointed by the Ministry of Antiquities found many ancient objects, among them a mask of mummies and pieces of pottery inscribed known as ostraca.

In addition, the researchers also found a giant container. They suspect that the container is used to store wine and olive oil.

The plan, excavations to uncover other discoveries will continue.

You need to know, the Romans took over Egypt in 30 BC. The incident occurred after Cleopatra VII committed suicide because his navy was destroyed by the Roman Emperor Octavianus in the Battle of Actium.

Although the Romans ruled Egypt from Rome, the Egyptians continued to worship the Pharaoh. Traditional Egyptian burial customs (including mummification) and religious practice continued until the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as its official religion during the fourth century AD.

Oasis Dakhla itself contains a number of archaeological relics derived from prehistoric times to modern times. It is located in the Western Desert, 350 kilometers from Luxor.

In this area, a number of settlements from the Roman era developed. In 2014, for example, Live Science reports that one of the Roman-era settlements in the oasis produced remnants of ancient schools covered with various writings, including reference to drug use.
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