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Do not Banish Them, These 3 Types of Insects Are Valuable to Your Home

These 3 Types of Insects Are Valuable to Your Home

The house that has spiders and insects sounds like a nightmare. However, a number of selected insects actually bring benefits around our homes. Anything?
Sarah Bonney, PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University and organizer of the Insect Festival in the Australian capital of Northern Territory, says most people consider insects and invertebrates a bad thing. 
"Though insects play a huge role in the world," he told ABC News.
"Without insects we will not have much food, they keep our soil fertile, and basically make our world keep spinning," he said.
In addition to play a role in the environment, beetles, insects and other invertebrates can also help us.
According to Bonney and Macquarie University researcher Dr. Lizzy Lowe, the first step is to keep pesticides and understand which insects can help us.



Given the diverse species of insects that can live both inside and outside our homes, spiders can be an effective way to control insect populations.
And if we can live with the realization that we share space with spiders, they can be excellent housemates.
Dr. Lowe has been studying spiders and their role in urban environments.
"There are basically only two spiders (in Australia) that we do not want - spiders with red strips and spiders called funnel web," he said.
"Both types may be better controlled, but all other spiders actually bring benefits in our homes," he explained.
"They eat pests, control the number of other spiders, and the more types of spiders we have, the more balanced the back garden or ecosystem of our house," said Dr. Lowe.
"There will be fewer cockroaches, lice and other crawling creatures and this will benefit our whole house," he added.


Carnivorous insects

Insects that eat other insects can also be one of the most beneficial creatures around the house.
Getting them around us can be as easy as letting nature run by itself.
"Try not to use too many pesticides to kill unwanted insects," Bonney said.
"The problem is that pesticides have an effect on the useful insects, the same or even worse, with useless insects."
In the garden, carnivorous or predatory insects control the species of pests that we do not want.
"The predatory locusts are interesting insects, they are great predators in capturing creatures like insects, flies, beetles and everything that feeds on our plants," says Dr. Lowe.
He explains the female beetle, often worshiped for its beauty, is also a great predator.
"We call it biocontrol because it becomes a way of controlling pests in our garden without the use of pesticides, but by using other insects," he explained.



Having a swarm of flies buzzing inside the house is certainly far from healthy. But if it happens in the garden and around the house, it will play an important role.
"Flies are known as dirt cleaners," Bonney says.
"They destroy many of the dirt and detritus left in the ecosystem, and all of these nutrients are released back into the environment," he explained.
For Dr. Lowe, flies are useful differently around the house.
"For me, the most important role of flies is in the ecosystem, in the food chain," he said.

"They are a very important food source for most insects and spiders," explains Dr. Lowe.
"If we get rid of them in the ecosystem, we will experience many problems because many other creatures will not have food," he added.
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