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Be Aware the Expiry of Sports Shoes

Be Aware the Expiry of Sports Shoes

Buying new sneakers, whether for running, weight lifting, or training, is like changing oil in your car. Yes, like oil, the age from the comfort of sports shoes generally depends on the length of use or distance traveled, and although old shoes still look good, but shoes that no longer feel comfortable can affect the overall performance.
"Having a pair of solid shoes is important for the health of your feet, though old shoes can still be worn, but the long-term effects are certainly not as healthy as your feet use a decent base," said Ben Sweeney, a sports coach at Brick New York.
"As your shoes begin to wear out, the footing for your legs becomes flat and flat.This condition is more likely to cause stress on the feet and ankles that cause changes in gait which ultimately increases the risk of injury.Although it does not cause injury directly, Expired still increases the risk of foot injury. "
So it's best to start to recognize when it's good to change sports shoes. Here's the guide:


Running Shoes

Shoe life: The optimal running shoes comfort can last up to 725 kilometers. About 6 months for elite runners or about 1 year more for moderate runners.
Expired marks: Although mileage can be a benchmark, there are other factors that can affect the comfort of shoes. "Runners with heavier bodies can 'break' their shoes faster than light runners," Ted Fitzpatrick, director of footwear products at Reebok.
"The problem of the field is also an influence: A person running on a soft surface (like a treadmill or grass) can travel more miles than someone exclusively running on cement or sidewalks."
Beyond that, you can also use instinct, if the shoes no longer have good bearings, there are signs of wear visible on the soles, and the top of the shoe looks broken, you might consider replacing new shoes.



Shoe life: Approximately 12 months.
Expired marks: You may not see substantial damage to heavy lift shoe soles, but the top of the shoe will generally lose its support. Since the shoes used for heavy lifting damage are not as dramatic as running shoes or exercise, these shoes will generally be more durable. Advice Joe Nguyen, senior merchandiser at Asics,
"If the shoe cushion feels inactive or no longer gives you the same experience, then this is the time to move on." Another factor to consider by Sweeney, "Once you start really smelling on shoes, it's time to move on new shoes.


Exercise (Training)

Shoe life: Approximately 6 months for gym activists (3 times a week) and one year for weekly usage.
Expired marks: Like running shoes, exercise shoes will have expired signs on the top and soles. Exercises such as jumping and involving many lateral movements, making the protective layer on the base become easily broken and torn.
If you feel the sol part is no longer stable, it hurts when used a bit longer, it's time to try new shoes. Sweeney suggests, "If you practice all the time, it's best to have two pair of shoes to take turns to make them more durable."
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