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5 New Figures That May Come Up in the Suicide Squad Sequel

5 New Figures That May Come Up in the Suicide Squad Sequel

Despite the success at the box office, the story of this film is considered less good by the critics. Despite various reactions, the Suicide Squad film has been given a green light by DC to make the sequel.
Reportedly, DC will add some new figures into the Suicide Squad 2. Not only that, director David Ayer re-trusted to work on a film that is scheduled to begin production in 2017 later.
A little leak about the Suicide Squad sequel later, Task Force boss Amanda Waller called need new members.
This is done because in the film that was released on August 3, 2016 in Indonesia there are two members who died and a man who escaped.
For those of you who have been watching, it would be pretty curious about who will join the Task Force X made by Amanda Waller.
Here's a list of criminals that could potentially join the Suicide Squad sequel:

Black Manta

DC antagonist character is arguably quite new in Suicide Squad membership throughout comic history.
Although his role in the new Suicide Squad rose in the New 52 era, his own existence succeeded in increasing the credibility of the Amanda Waller team.
His experience in dealing with the superhero and the figure of himself who became a great enemy Aquaman, can make Suicide Squad more powerful in the sequel later.

Bronze Tiger

Like Deadshot, Bronze Tiger is a villain who often appears in Suicide Squad comics.
The villain with the real name of Benjamin Turner had led the Suicide Squad after Colonel Rick Flag resigned in his comic.
If you've seen the movie Suicide Squad, there is the possibility of Rick Flag to resign after having to wade through a hard time with his girlfriend turned into Enchantress.
It could be a character who played Joel Kinnaman is choosing to resign and replaced Bronze Tiger in its sequel.


Batman's enemy this one is practically popular. In the DC series on television, Deathstroke has performed well in the Smallville or Arrow series.
Deathstroke itself is also often used as a figure to promote DC production games such as Injustice and Arkham Series.
In the comic history of Suicide Squad, the villain with this striped mask includes the first member of Amanda Waller's team.
The popularity of characters that Marvel diverted into Deadpool this could be an alternative for DC to increase the number of ticket sales sequel movie later.

Lex Luthor

Still remember the ending of the movie Batman V Superman ago? Known, Lex Luthor was eventually jailed for his behavior that created the figure of Doomsday.
Then, still remember also what the purpose of the establishment of Suicide Squad in the film? Yes, their main goal is to stop criminals who have the power equivalent of Superman.
Seeing the mission, the act of recruiting Superman's main enemy figure could be a solution for Amanda Waller. With Lex's genius, Amanda can certainly produce new Suicide Squad members who have super power like Doomsday
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