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5 Free Tools to Make Infographics Attract Easily and Quickly

Tools to Make Infographics

We can take advantage of some free and paid tools to create interesting infographics. Some tools to make the infographic include:

1. How to Make Infographics with Canva

Canva is one of the most effective website-based infographic tools. You can use this tool for free, or you can subscribe to the paid version, of course with more interesting features.

With Canva, you can create interesting and professional infographics even if you have no design skills. This tool provides many templates that can be directly used to create infographics, Facebook covers, presentations, simple banners, and others.

  • Website: Canva.com
  • Price: Free. However, if you use the paid version tool (Canva for Work) then you will get some additional elements. Canva for Work is perfect when used by a company for branding through viasualization. The fee is $ 9.95 / month.
  • Degree of difficulty Usage: Easy
  • Estimated Design Time: 5min - 30 minutes

Canva already provides various templates to choose from for your infographics. This template is free, but there are some additional elements that you can buy from Canva or you upload it yourself.

2. How to Make Infographics with Venngage

Venngage is a tool for creating infographics that are quite popular because of its ease and also because it's free. This tool is similar to Canva, but of course there is a difference between the two.

Venngage has provided various templates for a variety of purposes, including to create posters, promotions, and infographics. In the infographic section, there are some additional options that we can choose is in accordance with the topic. For example:

  • Statistics
  • information
  • Comparison
  • Charts
  • Tutorial
  • And others

In Venngage, you can find many templates to choose from according to your infographic. This template can be used for free, but there are some templates that can only be used by Premium members.

  • Website: Venngage.com
  • Price: Free. For other versions, Premium Plan $ 19 / month, Business Plan $ 49 / month.
  • Difficulty Level of Use: Easy
  • Estimated Design Creation Time: 5 minutes - 30 minutes

3. How to Make Infograpich with Piktochart

Piktochart is a tool that you can use to create infographics and presentations that let you transform boring data into an interesting content to look at. In this tool we can modify the colors and fonts, add pre-loaded graphics, and upload the images themselves.

With Piktochart, we can choose several different formats, including infographic size, presentation size, posters, and reports. We can create our own infographics from scratch, or use one of the templates provided.

Templates can be obtained for free, but there are some templates that can only be used by premium members. After selecting a template, we can add graphical and text elements to the work page by drag and drop. So easy.

  • Website: Piktochart.com
  • Price: Free. For Pro Plan is charged starting from $ 15 / month
  • Difficulty Level of Use: Easy
  • Estimated Design Creation Time: 5 minutes - 30 minutes

4. How to Make Infographics with Easel.ly

Tools Easel.ly will greatly assist you in making an interesting infographic quickly.

When you go to the Easel.ly website page, you will see there are many instances of infographics already created with Easel.ly. You can use the templates they provide or create infographics from scratch.

In Easel.ly, you can also choose a template based on the category you want. Once you've found a template that you have, you'll be directed to a new page where you can edit the infobation as desired. This tool also allows us to edit some elements, including backgrounds, icons, text, graphics, and various other elements.

  • Website: Easel.ly
  • Price: Free. Pro accounts start at $ 3 / month
  • Difficulty Level of Use: Easy
  • Estimated Design Creation Time: 5 minutes - 30 minutes

5. How to Make Infographic with Infogr.am

Tool to make the next infographic is Infogr.am. This tool offers a simple infographic template. Infogr.am can customize the data into an infographic with spreadsheet style in Excel. In addition, this tool also makes the process of data editing becomes easier.

On the site Infogr.am you can see some examples of cool and free templates that can be used. After you select a template, you can edit the elements on the page.

This tool is very effectively used when creating an infographic with a statistical source. However, many people consider that the use of these tools is quite complicated compared to other infographic tools.

  • Website: Infogr.am
  • Price: Free. Upgrade to Pro member costs $ 15 / month
  • Difficulty Level of Use: Medium
  • Estimated Design time: 30 minutes - 45 minutes
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