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5 Best Social Media for Online Selling and Business Promotion

5 Best Social Media for Online Selling and Business Promotion

Social networking or sosmed is one of the marketing medium for online selling and business promotion which is very plural done by internet business actors. Of the many social media used, which one is most effective for online sales?

Here are 5 best social media for online selling and business promotion:

1. Online Selling on Facebook

For the online business players who have been using social media for quite some time, certainly understand how the power of selling online on Facebook this. The online merchants usually use Facebook fan feature pages to promote the various products they sell on the internet.

Actually how to get started is easy and fast. Surely you already have a Facebook account first yes. The first step is to create a Facebook Fan Page for your online selling business. Make detailed information about your business on the Fan Page and post it content diligently.

To reach more people, usually the online business will use the Facebook Ads feature. This advertising feature can only be used through Facebook Fan Page.

In addition to Fan Page, you can also create a Facebook group, where the content is the focus of discussing a particular topic that is closely related to the product you are selling. This is an option that can be done to increase traffic to your business

2. Online Sales in Instagram

Instagram is ranked # 2 as the best social media for online selling in Indonesian market. Not without reason, this image-based and short-lived social media is very effective to attract the attention of its users by using unique images and videos.

The unique and interesting images uploaded on Instagram can spoil the eyes of Instagram users so they want to linger over the pictures and videos there. Like the principle of people doing business, where there is a crowd then there is a profitable business opportunity.

3. Online Selling on Twitter

In position # 3, the best social media for online selling in Indonesia is held by Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are hostile for a long time in grabbing the attention of users of social media applications. Although used to sell online is not as much as Facebook, it is proven that Twitter is still trusted by online merchants to market their products.

Limitations of Twitter feature is one of the problems in using Twitter as an online marketing medium. However, if you have targeted followers on Twitter then marketing any product will be very effective through Twitter.

For example, if your target market is women, then try to interact with followers around the world of women and their needs because women usually like to be noticed and tend to like to shop.

4. Online Selling on YouTube

Everyone who actively uses the Internet must know YouTube, if guns know yes kebangetan. This video-based social media proved to be very powerful for online sales. Why do I say so powerful?

There is a shift in the interest of internet users today. Who used to prefer reading articles, now the average internet user prefers to see interactive content, such as video. This is the reason why YouTube I say is very powerful for online sales. This is coupled with the fact that internet connection in Indonesia is getting faster.

Big brands that advertise on YouTube are usually the goal for branding. But for the small online merchants, the use of YouTube as a means to sell online is very often done. Not too difficult to make a video for sale online, we can use a smartphone camera and then upload the video to our YouTube channel.

5. Online Selling at Pinterest

Social media this one is similar to Instagram. Pinterest used its users to send photographs from various sources, whether it's the uploader's own or from another website.

Pinterest may be spelled like a storefront, where the owner can display the best photos of the product you want to market. Social media is very much used by photographers as well as business owners to showcase photos of their products or works.

Pinterest users can optimize their sales conversions by designing product photos in such a way as to make it look more attractive and professional. As the saying goes, an interesting picture can represent a thousand words.
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