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3 Best LinkedIn Strategies to Support Career Advancement

A content marketer has the task of producing a lot of useful content to the reader, building relationships with various media, and wisely in collaborating with others in terms of content distribution.

One of the social media platforms that can help all my needs is LinkedIn. Over the past nine months, LinkedIn is one of the best places to share new content, connect with others, collaborate with others, and more.

Consistency and hard work that has been done by LinkedIn has been one of the reasons our marketing content team covered by Forbes magazine. In addition, I can also connect with the people who are very instrumental in improving my career. Starting from those who work in the media world such as journalists, editors, until the founder of a successful startup.

In this article, I want to share the 3 best strategies using LinkedIn to support your career advancement:

1. Create a Complete and Interesting LinkedIn Profile 

Profile is the first thing that other people will see when looking for us on LinkedIn. Actually there is so much we can do to optimize our profile on LinkedIn. And here are some things that I think are most important.

Always use professional profile photos because LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. A good LinkedIn profile photo should focus on us and open a background or group image. Our profile photo display must also be well resolved to make it clear and easier for others to recognize us. You should never use selfie photos.

Experience (Create as Might as Possible)
The mistake that people often make is, we do not pay attention to the experience section on LinkedIn. Another thing if we are famous people like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, then we need to bother thinking about what to write in this section. But if we are not a famous person, then it is mandatory to take the time to improve this part.

"But I've listed my company and my current role as well"

Ok that's good, but that's not enough. As mentioned above, we must make the information in the experience section in detail. These are some of the things we can do to make the experience part more interesting:

# 1. First, we must know that others want to see our role in a company, but people are more interested in seeing our achievements so far. So, always include the achievements we've gained so far in the experience section.

If you are a social media manager, please mention what successful campaign you have ever done. If you're a writer, mention what book or best writing ever wrote.

# 2. Secondly, most people also forget that we can add visuals as well as links to other websites on each of the LinkedIn experiences. People will be more interested in content that contains images than just writing alone.

So, if you want to make the experience part more interesting, be sure to add pictures and links to websites, publications we get in the media, or awards ever gained.

2. Build a Good Relationship

Social media LinkedIn is about building relationships with the right people. Connecting with people we already know is good, but connecting with new people outside our circle is also very important.

From my experience, many of these new people are ultimately helping me in improving my career.

To build a good relationship, we must understand 2 important things. First, who are the right people and second, how to establish a good relationship with them.

Finding the Right People

# 1. First, we can have relationships with people who have a role and also the same interests with us. Because I am a content merketer, then I want to connect with other content marketers who are more powerful, so I can learn and discuss with them.

# 2. Secondly, we can also have relationships with people who can support career advancement. For example, if we are bloggers with technology topics, try to connect with more well-known technology bloggers, or connect with technology editors in big media.

Send a Personal Introduction Message

Before sending an invitation to connect to LinkedIn, you should first introduce yourself, especially if you have not known before. LinkedIn has a feature where we can send short messages when we want to send invitations to others to connect.

But we must also remember that LinkedIn limits the number of characters that can be sent at this introductory stage, which is 300 characters. So make sure we send a short, solid, and clear pesar.

We can start an introduction by mentioning the names, where we work, how we can know them, and what our goals are connected to them.

Here is one example of a short message I've posted when I want to connect with MOZ's blog manager.

Hi Felicia,

I am Andrew from iPrice.

Just saw your latest article on Moz Blog about "Content Marketing". It was awesome.

Btw, I just want to say Hi and good luck to you and team at Moz!



I always try to find the right people to connect in LinkedIn

By doing the same strategy, I managed to connect with a famous content marketer named Joe Escobedo who is also a contributor in Forbes magazine. After paying attention to her profile, I know that she often writes articles on digital marketing and homework in Asia.

Then I sent a request to connect. And once connected, I then share the story about content marketing activities and also the PR done by the team iPrice. And in the end we get a chance to be covered by Joe in Forbes magazine

3. Create Good Content on Linkedin

The last strategy that is also very important is, create useful content for the people who have connected with us. By loading good content on LinkedIn then others will be compelled to like and comment. The content in LinkedIn that we share will be more view when there are likes and comments, and in the end will more and more people will see the content and also our profile.

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There are 3 things we must remember when we will create content on LinkedIn:

# 1. First, we can share stories as well as personal experiences. For example, if you are a speaker, we can share our experience in delivering training in Primary School. In my case, I often share experiences while working with teams in creating content, stories behind content being produced, and more.

# 2. Second, offer help. Always keep our relationships know that we are willing to help them, certainly according to our capacity. For example, I work in NGOs engaged in children's education in developing countries. I can create short content on LinkedIn about what I do in NGOs, and offer help to children in developing countries who are not getting the proper education.

# 3. Third, ask. As mentioned earlier, the more likes and also the comments we get, the more people will see the content. One way is to ask the people who are in our connection.

I always combine the first and third points to create viral content on LinkedIn.

Two months ago I went back to Jakarta to meet and collaborate with major media in Indonesia to create content on "Media Relations Tips for Startups in Indonesia". Before the content so, I made a post about my experience meeting with some of the big media and then asked if my connection would like to get the content when it's done.

The result, my posting on LinkedIn got 310 likes and also 299 comments. The content can be checked here.

Well, the above are 3 strategies that I do and proven to support me in improving career. Hopefully useful and you can apply too!
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